War on Christmas in July: The Battle of Chick-fil-A

There are other ways to do this:

“The alderman has the ideological support of Mayor Rahm Emanuel,” theTribune reports.

“‘Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago values,’ the mayor said in a statement when asked about Moreno’s decision.”

I’m sorry, I didn’t get my Chicago Values handout, but if I remember correctly they have something to do with “What’s in it for me?”

More importantly, this sets a dangerous precedent: If your ideological belief isn’t shared by Joe Moreno, forget about building a business in the 1st Ward.

And if the next alderman is against gay marriage and you’re for it, the next alderman will have every right to reject your business too.

Agreed. It’s a pretty clear free speech issue: You cannot deny them access to public services for which they clearly qualify based on the repulsive political stances of their higher-ups, especially if you are fucking dumb enough to say that that’s the reason for your denial in the first place. Get off my side, assholes. Stop helping if this is the only way you can think of to do it.

Moreover, this entire Chick-fil-A THING is on my last goddamn nerve, because like the War on Christmas before it, like the persecuted people who want to make a show out of praying in schoool, it’s mobilized the dumbest people on the planet in defense of something that needs no defending. Here comesSarah Palin, and thisasshole, andMike Huckabee, and half a dozen fuckwads I’ve defriended on Facebook and blocked on Twitter, talking about how a fast-food chain is so horribly victimized and we need to stand up for them.

I don’t care how horribly bigoted the Chick-fil-A folks get; they’re really probably not going to go broke anytime soon. Meanwhle there is war, famine, pestilence, death, and oh by the way ACTUAL religious persecution happening, and you could not pay any of the talk-show bleaters all up in arms about the fucking chicken nuggets to gve a shit. There are a lot of powerless people in the world getting picked on for their politics and none of them own a fast-food chain.

It’s easy to be in favor of fried chicken! It’s easy to love Christmas, too, even though every December we go through some stupid kabuki thing where we judge who loves Christmas and how those filthy atheist whores are trying to take it away. And it drives me wild seeing people who should know better, like Rahm and his aldermen, playing into that, and mistaking the nuggets for the meal, and giving these perpetually angry wingnuts precisely what they want: An excuse to hold a rally in favor of something that doesn’t matter at all.


3 thoughts on “War on Christmas in July: The Battle of Chick-fil-A

  1. ate at a chik-fil-a once – when i lived in winston-salem almost 30 years ago. hell yeah, open as many as you like.
    it will just give me more shitty fast-food joints to avoid.

  2. So if Hell’s Angels (in their worst possible stereotype of drug, sex, and violence) say that they’re against gay marriage, they would instantly be respectable?
    For that matter, based on their conservative religious views, I’m guessing both the Taliban and Al Q are against gay marriage. For that matter, if the Muslims are against gay marriage, can we call off these silly wars?
    This comes up about Chic-fil-a every once in a while (as well as their policy of closing stores on Sunday). But I’ve not seen in the current firestorm anyone going further and investigating if there are enforceable wrongs (such as discrimination in employment) son a widespread basis in the chain (versus a few crackpot local owners).

  3. Good points, all … I’ve just been fascinated at the whole thing. Basically Chick-fil-A has now been labeled the chicken restaurant for the 27% hard-core GOP base. Not exactly the PR department’s dream.

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