Coach Big Brother


As you can see, Sean Payton may be suspended but he’s watching the Saints from on high at their Metry practice facility. I’m not sure if this is old style Soviet or current North Korean but he looks like a stern albeit benevolent leader. Perhaps, they’ll implant digital cameras in his eyes at some point when people get used to the poster. Me, I’m proud of them for skipping the exclamation point.

For some more takes on Comrade Sean check outGrandmaster Wang andJeffrey.You have to scroll through the posts for the latter, the yellow blog’s linking system is a nightmare, which means it could be operated out of Belarus or something. Holy yellow peril, Batman.

4 thoughts on “Coach Big Brother

  1. Glad to see Coach ‘present’ at least via an image…(icon?). But, I’m laughing that they chose the ‘cat-butt mouth’ (Cleophatra, you have hilariously altered my perception of Coach w/that identification) photo.
    🙂 I hope they put it up in the Dome…even if they have to have a Mercedes in the background and call it ‘advertising’ to get around any stink Herr Goodell might cause.
    WHO DAT?

  2. And here it is that I thought that he was suspended which is supposed to be a mark of shame (and hopefully to get the players away from the Payton mindset).

  3. Actually, Maple St, the more I’ve learned about the allegations, the weaker they appear to be. The NFL’s refusal to provide more details has put my bs detector on high.

  4. If Goodell wants to be perfectly honest, getting paid to be a football player is in and of itself a bounty program. Hits happen. Of course, the outrageous hits have been assessed penalties of recent date and are highly discouraged. How many Saints (let alone any other teams’) players were slapped with paying the penalty money for the banned/outrageous hits since that system was in play? If there were no Saints assessed penalties for bad hits…Goodell is left with rotten egg on his rotten face. Afterall, there is only some weak spun-sugar ‘evidence’ that a fee-for-flattening was in place. Goodell is a bitter beer faced fool.

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