Pay Attention, Please

Okay, Newsweek? Y’all are doing it wrong. Michael Tomasky, you are doing it wrong. This, right here, is doing it wrong:


Okay, look, I get the whole “we’re trying to create a buzz” thing. I get that when you put President Obama on the cover with a rainbow halo and call him our “first gay president” or choose the photo of Michele Bachmann where her eyes look super-crazy you’re doing it for the shock value. Just likeTime put the lady with the titty-sucking 12 year old or whatever he was on the cover. Let’s “start a conversation,” let’s be “controversial,” let’s “go viral.” Yeah I get it, y’all are desperate for the links and the Tweets and the Face-space hoo-hah and all that but Jeebus on a fucking Saltine get your damn meme right when you pull this stupid crap.

Look, no one and I meanno one thinks Romney is a wimp. The meme, the fear, the slam, the 411 on Romney is that he is abully. Not a wimp. A fucking bully who led a gang of miscreants toforcibly cut the hair of a fellow student, who used todress up as a police officer and pull people over just for shits and giggles. Someonedescribed as “soulless.” A craven opportunist who will say and do anything to get elected because, as we are constantly reminded, it’s “his turn.”

Where did this “wimp” crap come from? This tells me you guys aren’t even paying attention to the kabuki discourse in which you hope to triumph. You get a -2 from the Tennessee judge in the Media Depravity competition.

That is all.

5 thoughts on “Pay Attention, Please

  1. Lazy…can’t even come up with something original so they recycle something from [pause] from what the Google says was 1987…

  2. Well, I think you could make the argument that he’s both. His moving to the right on health care and the individual mandate, on abortion, on gay rights, etc., could all be seen as a refusal to stand up for his original beliefs in the face of pressure from the right wing of his party. It is often said that bullies are cowards at heart.

  3. It’s stupid fucking Tina Brown. That woman should be banned from the publishing industry for life.

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