Or, You Know, There’s Journalism

Is Newsweek run by doofi who haven’t had an original political thought in three decades?

Why yes, it is:

“You can see the editorial thought process at work. What kind of cover story could create the sort of pop that the classic ‘Wimp Factor’ cover did? Then inspiration struck: How about another ‘Wimp Factor’ cover?” —Jonathan Chait

Look, my sympathy for Mitt Romney is pretty minimal. In fact, my sympathy for anyone running for national office who is being unfairly treated by our idiot media is pretty minimal. Maybe 25 years ago you could have had some expectation of serious debate here, but I think the Iraq war run-up weighed down that particular sack of kittens and flung it into Lake Erie.

This is crap, though. This serves nobody. This is about nothing: Is Mitt Romney a pussy? Is he too rich? Too insecure? Not insecure enough? Deep down, is he really a good guy? Does he love his wife? Does he “love” his wife? Is he secretly into furries? WHO THE FUCK CARES?

Would Mitt Romney, as president, put into place policies that would punish me and mine for living the lives we live? On taxes, on social issues, on education, on health care? Absolutely. Tell me about that, put that in 48-point double-burn on page one.

I suppose, though, that that isn’t quite as snappy as one about how many grizzlies Mitt Romney could fend off using just his bare hands, or whatever the fuck this is about.


4 thoughts on “Or, You Know, There’s Journalism

  1. My concern is how does the personality play out in their policies. I can see some similarities with Bush II and Romney – could they be overcompensating with increased violence?
    Romney is making speeches in the mideast that seem pointed to increasing tensions there (recent one says that Israel is affluent while the Palestinians are poor because of Israel’s pro-business… Totally ignores that Palestinians live under occupation. Pro-Israeli statements can also be interpreted as threats against certain Arab lands).
    Bush II reportedly went into office with plans for an invasion of Iraq. Reportedly wanted revenge as they reportedly were linked to an assasination attempt on Bush I.
    In prep school, Romey ran a ring of toadies that terrorized a fellow student. This year, Romney says he doesn’t even remember it.
    Picture run on First-draft and some other sites shows Bush II taking a cheap shot at an opposing player he has in a headlock.

  2. Good old Tina Brown hits it out of the park once again.
    Lord, when will people quit touting her as an accomplished editor?

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