I would give Michael Vick a puppy first:

Shortly after his release from a U.S. prison this past spring, The Canadian Press wrote astorysuggesting we’d see a different Conrad Black.

The national news service interviewed Black’s friends and colleagues who opined that the former media baron would be calmer, less bombast and more averse to publicity — a “Conrad Black lite” if you will.

In reality, however, it’s the same old same old.

In the midst of hisvery public battle to keep his Order of Canada, Black, 67, is in the media spotlight again hinting that he might want to get back into the newspaper industry.


One thought on “Oh HELL NO

  1. The only thing I know about the Order of Canada is from Wikipedia. But according to your link he both renounced his Canadian citizenship about a decade ago (admittedly, the Order may be awarded to non-Canadians) and was convicted of some serious crimes – a lot circling over him misusing his power.
    I’m wondering if the appeals process he is going through to keep his Order is similar to the legal appeals process which routinely take a very weak argument and make it sound like it should be a slam-dunk. I would love to hear judges talk among themselves about their laughter at preposterous legal claims.

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