Tell Me Again About Noble Traditional Media, Please

I know I’m just an Internet smartass, but seriously:

A member of the defense team in an ongoing trial offers to blog for a local newspaper andneither the editor of the paper or one of the town’s few media critics can think of a reason to say no?

Here’s one: He’s a member of the defense team in an ongoing trial!

My God.

If I have to explain why that’s a problem, neither of you deserve your jobs.

First of all, no.

Second of all, I thought the whole thing that was so great and worth saving about traditional forms of journalism was the gatekeeping aspect, the way reporters and editors could filter the bullshit they’re getting from officials and those with an axe to grind, and give their readers the actual story. I thought that’s what we were so in danger of losing as we all gave up on newspapers for the shiny new Internet. At least, that’s what we keep getting told.

Now, apparently, fuck it, we’ll just let people with a truck full of home remedies peddle them to you directly.

Third of all, if you are going to give your precious newsprint real estate — which is steadily shrinking and so, ideally, should be carefully rationed — to a mouthpiece, any mouthpiece at all, why not do it on a story that matters? Drew Fucking Peterson? Why do it for this soap-opera bullshit? I mean, die if you want to, but don’t do it on the first hill you find.


One thought on “Tell Me Again About Noble Traditional Media, Please

  1. Just curious–are there no rules of professional conduct for attorneys in Illinois? Of course, expecting ethics from an attorney who actually uses “The Shark” proudly in public as a nickname is probably an exercise in futility.

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