Don’t Hire Young People Because They’re Young!

And stuff:

2. They may be focused on their own social media activity. Because of the above, if you hire a young person to manage your social media, you may also need to need to worry about how they’re actually spending their time. Will you need to be monitoring them?

There really is nothing old people like better than complaining about young people. It is like the Olympics for us.

The entire story is about how hiring stupid people to do stupid shit because you think they’re hip based on their ages is wrong. And, yeah. But the problem isn’t the people you’re hiring. The problem is you, and your inability to hire talented people to kick ass at your company. Though I suppose there isn’t much of a market for a story that says, “Don’t hire a total moron to do PR, the end” or a column about how being a shallow judgmental fuckwit leads you to make bad personnel decisions.

(Not to mention a lazy-ass manager. Yes, you’ll need to supervise them. The way you should be supervising everybody you, you know, supervise.)

Coming from Time magazine, which just suspended a middle-aged plagiarist, this is particularly rich. Maybe the next column should be “don’t make your hiring decisions while enjoying a close-up view of your own colon.”

The comments are deliciously full of “fuck you, old man,” too.


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