4 thoughts on “Shorter Paul Ryan

  1. This guy is rising to John O’Neill levels for me, where the sight of his stupid ass face is enough to make me want to start drinking.
    He wants to declare embryos people, but hey, he’s a serious thinker!

  2. Ties into Boehner waving his budget for the TV cameras only for us to find out his budget had no numbers.
    So, like, you’re telling me that they haven’t done even basic research / reality check on the cornerstone of their platform??????? Funny how the repubs hate facts and continue to like anything that cuts responsibility for the rich while the non-rich rank and file continue to believe them. Going back to trickle down econ (at the time even Bush called it voodoo).
    It’s a lot easier to balance the budget if you don’t have to face facts and you continue to believe that you’re helping the poor by cutting their services.

  3. tru believers in rand/zombie reagan trickle down religion are anti-wonks. velvety computations.
    i dare obama to say underpants gnomes.

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