Throw Out The Rundown: The Newsroom Thread


How. HOW.

Maybe it only works if everybody does it. I heard that a lot when thequote approval thing broke, that this is one of those things where there’s a News Hive Mind and everybody has to do the same thing because stupid always wins. And you know what? There will always be somebody stupider. This is not a new thing. The stupid and shallow we have always had with us. Since like the telegraph and before, even, we have had people who sucked and lied and curried favor.

The difference is, once upon a time, we had the gonads necessary to say it doesn’t matter that all the other kids want to jump off the bridge. I don’t.

If downhill starts with one person compromising, uphill can start with one person refusing to. I’ll never understand why we grant the former, and call the latter impossible.

Quick takes: Sloan is my motherfucking homegirl. I love her. Dev Patel in a tank top: Thank you Ceiling Cat! When Don said, without even missing a beat, “Eat me,” I cheered, and because I spent the day out of town, it was past midnight when I finally saw it and I think I woke the neighbor’s dog.

Remember when I said the show needed to be about what happens when you stop bullshitting yourself about what you’re capable of and just do what you know you need to do? That moment with Adam Roth and Will, that was it: Tuition at Stanford’s expensive. Take care of yourself. We throw all this shit out there, about how we don’t have choices, but you can start anytime.

You know what I like about Mackenzie? Girl’s in her head a lot. And I’m cheap, because I laughed really hard when the lights came back on.

Here’s the thing, and again, I feel like somehow the audience is more qualified to be Will’s therapist than Mr. Universe, but Mackenzie doesn’t deserve forgiveness. Will deserves to forgive Mackenzie.

That’s how it works. Making it about the other person and what they did and what they meant and how they did whatever it was is so beside the point as to be obscene. We think of wrath as a sin because it’s violence directed inward, as are all the other of the Big Seven. It’s not damage to others. When you hate someone, and seek your vengeance, you’re curling up around your pain and nursing it close to you, and you’re what it feeds on, and you’re what’s destroyed.

Mackenzie doesn’t deserve forgiveness. If it was about deserving it would be justice. Forgiveness is about grace, and grace only goes outward, from you to the Stranger, from you to the world, leaving you weightless, without that burden to carry. A lot of stupid-ass bumper sticker wisdom about “forgive yourself” get taken the wrong way because we as a country are just shit at punctuation.

It’s forgive, yourself.