Don’t Talk About the Gay

Skeery, skeery gay:

“That bullying thing is the biggest lark out there…There are sexually confused children who could be pushed into a lifestyle that I don’t think is appropriate with them and it’s not for the norm for society, and they don’t know how they can get back from that. I think a lotof timesthese young teens and young children, they find it very hard on themselves and unfortunately some of them commit suicide.”

You know, it’s funny to remember this now, because I used to consider the environment I grew up in to be conservative, but my Catholic school in its “understanding sexuality” type class, brought in a gay dude to talk to us about being gay. Not to condemn it, or even discuss how it related to Catholicism. Just to talk about what it was like to be gay, and how he always knew he liked boys, and that was just how he was. The only out gay person I’d ever known of up to that point was a distant relative who lived very far away, so this was a whole new thing to me and probably to a whole lot of other people.

And it was probably not a whole new thing to a number of kids, who probably felt very alone before that day.

I don’t think anybody walked out of that room gay who hadn’t walked into it that way. It’s not like all the boys sat up and said, why, penis can be an option for me! I never thought of it that way! Come here, Biff, let’s get busy. I mean, granted, it can be a bit of a revelation when you discover bisexuality exists or that you might be straight but you’re not blind, but mostly this is about putting words to stuff you already knew, not coming up with new feelings because you now have a language for them.

The idea of the gay contagion is so pernicious, and it’s not that every homophobe is closeted, like that’s not an excuse or even really a very good reason to be a hateful asshole, but when you are afraid that the mere exposure to someone who is not like you will destroy the very fabric of society, well, let’s just say you’re not that confident in your worldview to begin with.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Talk About the Gay

  1. “… but when you are afraid that the mere exposure to someone who is not like you will destroy the very fabric of society, well, let’s just say you’re not that confident in your worldview to begin with.”
    Compare with, say, the attitude of Christians to agnostics or atheists. Christians, particularly fundamentalists, have never had much confidence in the strength of their faith, which is why everything around them constitutes a threat to their faith.

  2. It’s because the conservative base of the GOP is inhabited by vast numbers of closeted, repressed, homosexuals.
    For them, being “gay” is a “choice”, not because the homosexuality is a choice, but because being closeted is a choice.
    And that choice can be contagious.
    Next time you hear some GOPtard propounding on how people choose their sexuality, ask them exactly when THEY decided to be straight, and could they change their mind? Then ask them when they’re coming out of the closet, because by stating that people have a choice of sexuality, they just outed themselves as a closeted homosexual.

  3. I have a gay friend who has the perfect response to all this bullshit, which is: who would actually CHOOSE to be gay? Seriously, why would anyone choose a life of harassment, hate and exclusion? Isn’t it a LOT easier to be heterosexual in most parts of the world?

  4. I read an interview with one of these types, and the interviewer actually asked him when he chose to be straight, and he said “Every day, all the time.” Guess what…if you have to spend most of your time convincing yourself that you are straight, YOU’RE NOT STRAIGHT.

  5. Looks like Akin has a soul mate. Not to mention that this helps show how prevalent ignorance is in the repub party.
    Anyone trying to “screw a monkey” – especially a wild one, would be lucky to escape with severe injuries. Very implausible. Especially in light that various monkeys/apes are used as food in Africa – providing an easy mode of blood-body-fluid contact.
    I don’t get the first quote. Is he saying that the bullying of gays leads to non-gays becoming gays (I’m guessing as a result of non-gays being falsely identified as gays and bullied into being gay )? If so, similar to Mothra above, I’d like to ask the politico what it would take to make him gay.
    Of course, the article totally ignores the fact that it isn’t gay on one side separated by a wide gulf from hetero. Rather it is a continuous graph of varying degrees of hetero and gay impulses.

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