26 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Baton Rouge! How ’bout dem Tigers?!?! And, Who Dat?!?!?
    (Posted to wrong thread earlier…)

  2. des moines, iowa. but my parents eventually figured out that they were free to leave.

  3. Ft. Belvoir, Virginia (near Washington, D.C.). I was an army brat. I’ve lived most of my life in Missouri, but my football idol when I was a kid was Fran Tarkenton, so…
    p.s. Sorry, A—I agree with you on almost everything else! 🙂

  4. Mason City Iowa. Much of my family still lives there, five generations after great-grandfather chose it as a fine little town in which to open a bookstore. Has a fine regional medical center, and a century-old tradition of excellence in music.
    ’cause we’re so by-God stubborn
    we can stand touching noses
    for a week at a time,
    and never see eye to eye.
    I’ll be moving back there in a couple years, after thirty-five years in Silicon Valley.
    I will arise and go now,
    for always night and day
    I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore;
    while I stand on the roadway,
    or on the pavements gray,
    I hear it in the deep heart’s core.

  5. Honolulu, Hawaii. Got to spend my first ten months there and then
    Dad finished his hitch in the Navy and the parents moved back to their home state of Kansas. Spend a lot of time explaining that I was born in paradise and raised in hell.

  6. hey, des moines is very nice. but born in milwaukee, still in ‘sexy’ milwaukee. i forgot which mag said we were sexy. GO PACKERS!

  7. I was raised in Astoria (Queens) but I was born in St. Vincent’s Hospital (Greenwich Village, Manhattan). When I choosing/deciding on which college to attend, an aunt said I couldn’t go to NYU because it was in such a bad part of the city I wouldn’t be able to stay there late and be safe. I told her “Ihave to attend NYU, I have to return home to the Village; after all I was born there.” The look on her face… I thought she was going to smack me.

  8. Born in Salt Lake City oddly enough. It’s a long story, which I should tell at some point. It has, however, given me a lifelong fascination with the Mormon church; one of the weirder institutions in the good old US and A.

  9. NAS Hospital, Key West, FL. 1951. I consider myself a citizen of the Conch Republic.

  10. I was raised in Jackson Heights (Queens) and born in Horace Harding Hospital which I gather was in Elmhurst. It was an interesting area to grow up in having started as a farming community, before becoming an upmarket community with golf courses and country clubs in the 20s, then a middle class nursery in the 60s when I was there. Even then it was a real melting pot, but I gather it has gone even more multi-ethnic than in my day.

  11. Yeah, sure fella, we just love your
    off-the-cuff attempts at “humor”.
    But tell us more, Mitt.
    Why don’t you explain 
    how and why your More-mon-ey Grandpa 
    packed up and moved to live in Mexico…
    in order to evade the oh-so-harsh 
    monogamy laws back here in the good ole USA?
    Hmmm…it sure seems to me that YOUR family 
    has a long HISTORY of various offshore 
    or foreign evasions of various types…
    whether they be birther-relatd,
    or marital-related, 
    or tax-related.
    Why don’t you
    show us THOSE  birth certificates,
    AND foreign tax shelters,
    AND secret Swiss accounts,
    AND tax returns?
    People like you Mitt,
    who live in multiple glass houses,
    should be very very careful when they start
    slinging attack-humor stones, dear boy.
    They could backfire…

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