Get Sick, Have a Million Babies, Die Without Health Insurance

For serious, what a combo:

Rehberg’s proposed Labor, Health and Human Services funding bill for 2013 would eliminate the budget for the Report on Carcinogens (RoC) until the agency follows through with an additional follow up to its 2011 report. (Rehberg’s proposal contains a number of highly political cuts, including all funding for President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, Planned Parenthood, and family planning.)

What exactly is the uniting rationale here? God wants you to have babies, okay, and also die of cancer from all the shit in the air these days? It’s all just bullying, pulling on somebody’s hair to make them scream. It’s just a big laundry list of stuff designed to make people like me roll our eyes in disgust so that these frat fucks can high-five in the cloakroom. I do not GET IT anymore. This neediness is really becoming tiresome.

They need liberals to be pissed off, in order to feel like they’ve done something with the day. They come up to the country at the party and stand too close and say things like SOCIALISMS HURR DURR and wait for the reaction. And instead of being reliably angry it’s just exhausting, because who can deal with that kind of constant attention-seeking? Go away. We have things to do.


One thought on “Get Sick, Have a Million Babies, Die Without Health Insurance

  1. Should I think that they are oblivious to the fate of the have-nots or should I see a more sinister that the elite benefit from the presence of a Les Miserables? I just have trouble reconciling the mantra that we need highly skilled workers with cutting education (BTW – Akin is actually on the science committee).
    The RoC is easy – The follow up will need to be kinder to the chemical industry while the new report would be more likely to be harsher. Industry hates paying for restrictions on what they can and can’t use. Down to the workers who hate being told they can’t do what they want to (including dumping materials down the drain or being forced to use what they consider an inferior product).
    Example 1 – Asbestos. Great insulator. Properties make it wonderful for brakes. Just one small side effect – damage to the lungs and cancer.
    Example 2 – DDT – Great pesticide. Still works well for pests that have become resistant to other pesticides. Unlike other pesticides, has extremely low toxicity to humans. Only problem is that it biomagnifies and destroys the apex predator.
    Example 3 – Smoking. A pleasure for many. Yet, even when first introduced to England there were complaints of how noxious it is – to be around smokers all the time the only defense is to also become a smoker. Sure it has well documented adverse effects on health. But its my life isn’t it. And who am I to believe the documented effects of second hand smoke?

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