Tilly vs. The Sick

Yesterday when I went to pick up Tilly to put her back in the cage before Mr. A and I left the house, I noticed she was breathing hard. Like she’d just run five miles hard, which isn’t normal. I felt her little heartbeat pattering pretty fast, called our vet, and was told to bring her in right away.

By the end of the long, terrifying day we’d ruled out pretty much everything but some kind of heart condition, possibly one that had always been there and for whatever reason chose to manifest now. The vet is trying meds to see if they’ll help with her breathing and heart rate issues. She was stable when I left her for an overnight stay in the pet hospital, but time will tell in this case.

I hate it when the animals are sick. They can’t tell you what they need, where it hurts, what they might have eaten or done to cause it. I hate it when one of them isn’t here. Tilly’s tiny. She’s too little to leave this much empty space.


8 thoughts on “Tilly vs. The Sick

  1. Sick animals are the worst. I can’t think about anything else — I have constant anxiety, can’t sleep. It’s truly awful. Hope your baby is OK.

  2. Oh so sad. Here’s hoping Tilly makes a full recovery.
    We’ve got an old dog who’s manifesting weird symptoms. It’s just awful. She’s old, she’s going to die in the next few months, and I don’t know what hurts, what makes her scared, why she sometimes has no appetite and why other times she wants to eat everything in sight. It is the worst thing in the world.

  3. I, too, hate it when when one of the critters is sick. You can tell something is wrong but the darn things just don’t answer back.

  4. Sending all good energies your way.
    It’s so difficult when one of our little friends is sick.

  5. makes me glad i am just trying to get good microbes into basil’s poo tract after to many anti-biotics. at least he likes greek yogurt.

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