And now we wait

Dr. A and I have gotten all the provisions and shit we need to sit around and wait for Tropical Whatever Issac. We’ve battened down the proverbial hatches and are ready to wait. I’m considering inviting Cantore over but he’s probably too busy for idle chatter.

There’s been a bit less freaking out in New Orleans this time around. Mayor Landrieu has been prattling on about getting in “battle rhythm” whatever the hell that means. For someone who has never been in the military or worked for a huge corporation, Mitch is into jargon. Whatever, dude. At least he hasn’t freaked out and shit himself like Nagin did in 2008 when we waged the phony war against Hurricane Gustav.

The national media has made more of the Katrinaversary that we have locally. So it goes. It’s all the fuckers know about us, after all. Btw, I plan to post my annual moment of silence kinda post on 8/29 so be prepared. It may be my last one of the week because we expect to lose power and <shuddering> interweb service. So it goes. I’m feeling vaguely Vonnegutted today…<groan>

Okey dokey, time to sign off. Best wishes to Grandmere Mimi and Michael F who are also in Isaac’s erratic path. Good luck to everyone else as well. Here’s hoping that it will be a boring few days instead of harrowing. Here’s how *we* prepared for the storm:


8 thoughts on “And now we wait

  1. Mmmm…Catdaddy Cosmos. 🙂 Y’all be/stay safe, connected and comfy.

  2. I’m a bit concerned about your preparedness–I see some of those bottles are not full. Nutella and Pepperidge Farm cookies should see you through, though. Nutella and ChessMen is my personal favorite.

  3. Thanks for the warm thoughts, and stay safe as well.
    Have been prepping like crazy up here, hoping for a kind of reverse psychology thing, i.e., maybe if I’m super ready the worst will spare us. In 2008 I was sure BR was too far inland to be affected…famous last words.
    No likker, alas, but plenty of wine & beer, plus everything that could conceivably hold water, including freezer bags, are being used to make ice.
    Even have the generator ready…but damn I hope I don’t have to use it…

  4. MichaelF – I was up in Cypress, TX (google map it…) for H’cane Ike and we caught hella wind damage that far inland. 🙁
    Granted, the Bolivar beach house (cozy li’l dive) fared the worst…it’s somewhere in the Intracoastal Waterway.
    At my folks house (where I was holed up for Ike) – the little canvas/aluminum ‘gazebo’ was picked up from it’s spot about 10 feet from the back of the house where it was ‘moored’ in the backyard, and dropped about 10′ further away from the house – crumpled like a big ol wad of notebook paper on the last day of class. And the 40′ or so tall maple had the top 20′ snapped off. Branches and leaves and some smaller trees strewn all over. Power out for a week at their house, two weeks at my apartment (just 7 miles away). City of Houston traffic lights were busted, dangling/gone for months. And Houston drivers are already ‘troubled’ with new, shiny, working traffic apparatus. It was fun…

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