Final RNC Crack Van Thank God

Hams. Rules. Whatnot. 

Van closed! Here’s the video of Clint Eastwood’s AWESOMELY CRAZY but also sort of rambly and sweet speech about how we’re all Americans and “possibly we need somebody else,” which is not a ringing endorsement of Romney, and thus, I can watch Heartbreak Ridge with a clear conscience: 


4 thoughts on “Final RNC Crack Van Thank God

  1. thanks for the van A. All of the crowd in it made me laugh instead of getting ill and angry.

  2. I would have tuned in, if I knew the RNC coronation was going to include a “yelling at furniture” segment.

  3. I was wondering if anyone knew what percentage of the Van crackers were actually watching the RNC versus how many were trying to find out about it without putting themselves through it.

  4. Count me in the latter category. I appreciated others going through it for me. And the good company.

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