Quick NOLA Update

I’m in Dr. A’s office at LSU Med School. We can’t use social media here but I snuck in the back door to First Draft. My fingers are crossed that this will post. First Draft is also verboten. Imagine that. Must be the foul mouthed ferrets or something.

The first night was scary but now we’re just bored and sweaty: Adrastos World HQ still doesn’t have power. Oh well, at least I missed Mittfest but I also missed the Crack Van.

I’m going to try and post this to facebook and the tweeter tube so if any of my NOLA friends has power and wouldn’t mind some self-invited guests, shoot me a text. I’ll get it once my phone is charged again. In the words of former Louisiana Governor John McKeithen: “Please hep me.”

5 thoughts on “Quick NOLA Update

  1. Take care Adros and DrA too! We sure missed your snark in the crack van.Hope things return to normal soon.

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