Let the expectations game begin

Team Obama is already lowballing debate expectations:

Raising expectations for your opponent ahead of a debate is an
ancient political art, and a supremely confident Obama team almost
pulled it off on Tuesday.

“Gov. Romney did about 30 debates last year, we expect him to do very
well,” Obama campaign press secretary Ben LaBolt said at an ABC
News/Yahoo forum here Tuesday. But his grin was so broad as he delivered
the line that the audience broke out in laughter.

I hope they’re not getting too cocky. I remember in 1988 that I expected Michael Dukakis to slaughter Poppy Bush in the debates because of his track record back home in the Commonwealth. It didn’t happen: all anyone remembers of those debates is Bernie Shaw’s “what if Kitty were raped” question. The Duke went all robotic and got his clock cleaned…

We do, however, have a pretty darn good debate prep stand-in for the Mittbot, 2004 nominee and debate champ, John Kerry. Here’s Big John with Willard when the latter was his Guvnuh:


2 thoughts on “Let the expectations game begin

  1. What percentage of the American public actually looks at a debate and is open to change their opinion? Of course, the difference between being elected or not is largely in the undecided folk.
    But Romney impresses me more of the CEO type who expects the masses to swallow what he says.

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