9 thoughts on “Dumbass quote of the day

  1. I actually took that to mean it was BETTER than just a home run…but, maybe my Blitzer dial is out of tune

  2. I’m with Tasha – I’m not a big sports fan, but isn’t Grand Slam a home run with the addition that all the bases were loaded – so it is the biggest score that can happen in baseball.
    As Bugs Bunny said about golf – OK, but don’t you get tired running around all the 18 bases?

  3. Possibly meant “not just a home run, but a Grand Slam,” though the way it sounded makes me think, yeah, you’re right: Wolf apparently knows baseball about as well as he knows Celebrity Jeopardy.
    Checked his Wikipedia bio because I knew he wasn’t born in the US, but it says he grew up in Buffalo — a football town, but also a AAA baseball town — so no excuses.

  4. One time I was watching the Yankees on TV and they were down something like six runs. Bernie Williams came up with the bases loaded. Tim McCarver was calling the game and said that a grand slam was the worst thing that could happen at the moment for NY because it would kill the momentum of the rally and the Yanks would have no baserunners. Like Wolf, it was a fine example of a dumb guy overthinking in the moment. It’s like saying a royal flush is a shitty poker hand because it eliminates your ability to win by bluffing. Some people just cannot find their ass with both hands. We shall call these people broadcasters.

  5. As noted above, a home run is a home run, but a grand slam is a home run with the bases loaded.

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