Luke Russert, Sexist Prick

ViaBalloon Juice, Luke Russert, who has a job in professional journalism:

#Dems did a good job tonight conveying passion, empathy and inclusion. Going hard after swing women, the heart.

Empathy is for girls! Our silly little female brains just can’t handle big economic questions like, “Will I have a job tomorrow if Mitt Romney is president” or “is it possible my taxes may go up and the price of gas make going to work pay less?” These are not things that concern us in any way, so we don’t need to pay attention to the economy.

We’re all just sitting at home, getting our nails done, watching Kathie Lee and Hoda, and thinking about OUR CHILDREN. If we have political issues at all, they’re about our reproductive organs, so we can maybe hear some talk about breast cancer and abortion, but don’t let’s discuss money or we might get headaches.

And by the by, the Republicans only appealed to the human brain if you assume the human brain has been completely coated in spray cheese and set in front of Walker, Texas Ranger re-runs for ninety billion years. Absolutely none of their numbers add up, their braying about the deficit is humorous at best, and their vision of government is a gladiatorial pit in which poor people kill each other until only one is left and that one gets eaten by a cheetah.

In contrast, last night the Democrats started telling a story about community, about the way the world works when people work together, and about the ways government can facilitate that. If that’s a story just for chicks, call us Vagina Nation.


8 thoughts on “Luke Russert, Sexist Prick

  1. He also tweeted that Michelle getting teary-eyed about children was “something she has in common with Boehner.” I responded to him that that was either the best political satire or the worst political analysis I have read in my life.

  2. In short, Luke Russert hasn’t even caught up with the 1800s. (for that matter, I wonder how many like him have considered the change in male-famale status and actions in moving from an agro to industrial society.
    Interestingly, I was just reading last night about Schopenhauer, who in the mid-1800s was involved in a lot of passing along certain concepts of the sexes and made a mishmash of statements. Notably, even though he said that women should naturally be submissive to men, he also said that women are more empathetic and make more rational judgements than men. He also had a rather mechanistic view of heredity (which could easily lead to eugenics and marriages planned by the state) including that a child gets intelligence from the mother and character from the father.
    Despite many of his statements, he also said that if a woman grows above the masses, she grows ceaselessly and more than a man.

  3. “passion, empathy and inclusion”
    Inclusion like “including women in the same pay grades as men.” He’s such a dumbass.

  4. My kid could do his job. His name is not Russert though. Luke should definitely disable the tweeter. It takes some skill to use properly. Do these nepotism-legacy things ever work? Look at Chris Wallace. Mika is not exactly gravitas.

  5. @Nancy, great point on skill. The current mantra is that anyone can use blogs, web pages, etc. as well as anyone else (I see it as an extension of the 60s when anyone could form a garage band and be just as good as any other band).

  6. so that explains it … thanks, Maple Street.
    Oh, and Russert? The acorn falls within the shadow of the tree.

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