Strength is Weakness for Democrats, Always

How dare Democrats point out how Osama bin Laden is not alive?

CHARLOTTE—Perhaps acknowledging a potential weakness this November, several Democrats have used their speeches on the first night of the Democratic National Convention to promote President Barack Obama’s record on the military.

You see, by pointing out an area where Obama is strong, Democrats are really pointing out how he might be weak. It would be better if Democrats just didn’t hold a convention at all, rather than put on this display of how weak they are, by talking about all the amazing shit they did.

All of Yahoo’s coverage last night was goat balls, butthis was a true winner:

CHARLOTTE—Democrats offered a not-so-subtle attack on Mitt Romney’s policy shifts over the years, playing a video of Romney embracing more moderate views on issues like abortion when he was running for Senate in 1994 against the late Sen. Edward Kennedy.

The clips were featured in a “tribute” video to Kennedy aired at the Democratic National Convention and featured footage of debates between Romney and Kennedy during the 1994 race.

They used MITT ROMNEY’S OWN WORDS to attack Mitt Romney! By reminding people that Mitt Romney used to be a grown-up on many issues, before the teawads got hold of him and ate his brain. How dare those dastardly Democrats do that?! Monstrous perfidy!


7 thoughts on “Strength is Weakness for Democrats, Always

  1. Not only did the Democrats point out that Osama bin Laden was FINALLY killed years after Bush said he wasn’t concerned, but the First Lady was introduced by Elaine Brye, a mother of 5 sons of whom 4 are currently serving in the military. Hey Mitt, where and when did any of your 5 entitled princelings serve?

  2. And can anyone imagine what the Redumblican convention in 2004 would have been like if Junior had somehow managed to get bin Laden?
    I’m guessing some combination of Molly Hatchet album covers, Game of Thrones “most violent moments” You Tube clips, Shrub reprising his Commander Codpiece moment, effigies of bin Laden’s head on sticks if not the real bin Laden head on a stick…and all gleefully commented on by a breathless national political press corps.
    A press corps that apparently is too hip for 2012…

  3. Long held conservative strategy is to vilify anything that makes the left look good.
    Talk about it in derogatory terms and when you mention it, say it with emphasis with the syllables stressed, make sure to mispronounce it, make sure to dehuminize the recipient etc.
    As in, Those MOOS-LIMS are vermin. (dare I compare to Juden Rausche?)

  4. Looking at the article a second time, I’m so impressed by the use of quotes. Specifically towards the end where it talks about Obama’s support of “American veterans.”
    Maybe I’m being too picky, but if I put such a short phrase in quotes, it is usually an indication of so-called or other misidentification of a term. As in Obama supported “American Veterans” later found out to be…

  5. It is always OUTRAGEOUS when Democrats stand up to Republicans. But it’s OURAGEOUS +1000 if the Democrat is black. Blacks are not entitled to criticize their betters. Ever.

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