Odds & Sods: DNC Edition

The-who odds--sods

I missed the RNC so my frame of reference may be skewed but the
Democrats put on a helluva shindig in Charlotte. The themes and issues
stressed give me the impression that they plan to run as Democrats
instead of putting a finger in the air and waiting for the wind to blow.
I’m very curious to see if the post-convention bounce is now a thing of
the past since Romney didn’t get one.

Here are a few random and discursive comments of 3 days of oratory.
Hmm, that sounds like aMad Men recap only with wider lapels and ties:

The Prez: Obama did what he needed to do. It was a sober and
reflective speech that fits the uncertain times. There were several
touches of humility and I liked it when he asked people to vote for him.
People like to be asked.

Big John & Joey the Shark: The best speeches-that I saw at least-on Thursday came from Athenae’s
boy friend John Kerry and America’s eccentric but lovable Uncle, Joe
Biden. Kerry was fiery, passionate and self-deprecating. Biden was, as
always, warm and likable and his focus on Obama as, uh,
decider-in-Chief was both fascinating and politically helpful. I really
get sick of everyone dissing Joey the Shark. The man took out Robert
Fucking Bork, y’all. Btw, if you’ve never read Richard Ben Cramer’s book about the otherwise desultory 1988 campaign, What It Takes, check it out. The sections about Biden are a hoot.

Arithmetic: It was classic Clinton, full of folksy humor and ad libs. The man riffs like a political version of, my personal hero, Crow T. Robot. It reminded me of his first State Of The Union speech, where he riffed early and often and substantively too. He also flipped the bird to all the pundits and Gopers who said he’d cause mischief for Obama. Who cares if they don’t roast schmores by the fireside and drink cocoa together in their jammies?

Michelle: FLOTUS has guns y’all. One of my lesbian twitter buddies said that she wanted to lick her shoulders. Anyway, loved the content, delivery and the bit about the rusted car. I also enjoy watching her talk with her hands. Her fingers are long and graceful, like birds fluttering about the podium.

The Perfesser: Elizabeth Warren’s speech has been underrated because she was Elvis’ opening act. I thought it was excellent; especially the content. I’m really hoping that she’ll beat that poser Scott Brown. I have an ulterior motive: I’d like John Kerry to be the next Secretary of State, and if she loses, he may not get the nod. Why? He’s qualified and Secretarys of State tend to be popular (see, Clinton, Hillary and Albright, Madeline) and the man deserves some love from his party and nation.

The Keynote: Julian Castro’s speech was probably the best written of the entire convention. The bit about immigration being like a relay race evoked JFK’s inaugural speech, and any time a speech gets compared to a Ted Sorenson/Jack Kennedy classic, it’s a real humdinger. I also enjoyed the Mayor’s mischievous smile when he was trashing the Mittbot and Ayn Ryan.

Red Meat Governors: Deval Patrick and Ted Strickland kicked some ass, y’all. Patrick’s telling Dems that it’s time to grow a backbone had me hitting the sound effects buttons in the only Crack Van I was able to make. And Strickland’s if “Mitt Romney were Santa Claus” line still has me chortling or is that cackling?

My lost cause: I’m one of the few who uses the proper pronunciation of the last name of 2 great 20th Century Presidents. It’s Rooo-se-velt not Rose-evelt. They were Dutch, y’all.

Final thoughts: The DNC reinforced my belief that Obama will win re-election. Candidates matter, y’all. Mitt Romney is quite simply the worst candidate of my lifetime: he makes Michael Dukakis look warm and charismatic and Bob Dole look sweet and cuddly. To paraphrase Joey the Shark: the Mittbot has a balance sheet instead of a heart.

Let the games begin…

13 thoughts on “Odds & Sods: DNC Edition

  1. I’m with you. I like Joe Biden. Dude seems like one of those rare congresscritters who hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be one of the unwashed masses. May be absolutely incorrect, but he makes me believe it.
    Plus, it is refreshing to have someone on the political stage who isn’t completely scripted 100% of the time.

  2. I’m disappointed that he left the door so wide open for SS/Medicaid/Medicare cuts. Whoever wins, there will be a rush to make cuts. Yes, Republicans want to take your granny’s food, shelter, and medicine –and then curb-stomp her. Obama didn’t mention it in his speech (since it fell so flat in Clinton’s), but he really wants to enact the Simpson-Bowles commissioner’s report recommendations as part of his legacy.
    The press won’t do the job for us. So how can we pressure the Democrats to commit to no cuts to SS/Medicare/Medicaid before we lose the leverage of the election?

  3. Yeah, let’s hope that Obama holds the presidency, and, with luck, the Dems hold the Senate. I heard/read somewhere yesterday that both Romney and Crossroads have stopped running ads in Michigan and Pennsylvania…and I don’t really see Romney winning the election without one or both States.
    If Warren loses — and the thought alone makes me want to bang my head on the desk — but if she does, maybe she could be appointed to or run in a special election for Kerry’s seat if he got the nod for Sec. of State.
    Finally…not to nitpick, but with Roosevelt, am not sure about Teddy, but Franklin had campaign stuff suggesting Rose-velt, e.g.,
    That said, I think it oculd have been to counter some of the anti-Semitism that’s often forgotten about in that era (i.e., Roo rhymes with…)

  4. Someone once pronounced Roo-se-velt in front of Theodore and TR lectured him that one on has the right to tell a person how to pronounce the family name.

  5. I agree with you on all this, but notice you left out Jennifer Granholm.
    Judging from everyone else’s reaction, I may be the only one who was left cold by her speech.

  6. This is like a zombie lie. Obama has been extremely careful not to say that he “wants to enact Simpson Bowles” or that it was actually, you know, passed as a report. He has carefully said that he would like to implement some recommendations. He always says shit like that.
    There is a funding and a usage mismatch between SS and Medicade and Medicare with a rising aged and sick population, a massive financial crash, destruction of our middle class tax base, and the Bush tax cuts and Bush Wars.
    Its got to be dealt with somehow. Al Gore and the lockbox showed just how far you get with the American people by trying to discuss the actual ins and outs of any policy related to SS and Medicare and the tax revenues of the country as a whole. The first thing that OBama and the dems have to be able to do is raise taxes. If they can’t ever manage to raise taxes because they don’t take back the house and the Senate simultaneously then its good night moon for all of us regardless of what any single president does.
    This is not going to be easy because the Republicans, the bankers, and the military industrial complex won’t make it easy. I don’t get the idea of looking for coded messages in a prime time speech or the democratic platform. If they want to do it they’ll just do it. They don’t need to play footsie with the democratic voters to do it. People can barely understand plain english, let alone parse complicated sentences relating to tax policy.
    Furthermore this idea that Obama and the dems are exactly like Romney flies in the face of everythign we know about rich people. The 32 billionaires who are backing Romney and the Republicans didn’t get where they are today paying for shit they don’t have to. 100 million dollars–500 million in superpac money says that the biggest bastards in the planet, the ones who want to really slash SS and Medicare and destroy the middle class–don’t think that Obama is going to do it for them.

  7. @Aimai: I assume your reply was addressed to @Moops. I’m flattered!
    Ireally hope that you’re right and I will happily apologize for spreading a zombie lie. But Simpson-Bowles was Obama’s commission, hand-picked as I recall.
    I disagree that there is a funding/usage problem with ss/medicare/medicaid. There is a cost problem with medicare/medicaid, but there are solutions (see OECD countries). Not that any actual solutions are on tap anytime soon.
    I’m not looking for coded messages –I want uncoded messages! I want him to say,”I will not sign any bill that cuts SS or Medicare/Medicaid benefits.” I haven’t heard that. Instead, I see Frank Luntz’s words “reform and strengthen” (via digby):
    “Do not say: ‘entitlement reform,’ ‘privatization,’ ‘every option is on the table,'” the National Republican Congressional Committee said in an email memo. “Do say: ‘strengthen,’ ‘secure,’ ‘save,’ ‘preserve, ‘protect.'”
    And I read this in th NYT:
    The news media have played a crucial role in Mr. Obama’s career, helping to make him a national star not long after he had been an anonymous state legislator. As president, however, he has come to believe the news media have had a role in frustrating his ambitions to change the terms of the country’s political discussion. He particularly believes that Democrats do not receive enough credit for their willingness to accept cuts in Medicare and Social Security, while Republicans oppose almost any tax increase to reduce the deficit.
    I agree that moneyed interests are arrayed against the people’s safety net. I’m looking for anyone who is strong on the other side and I invite Obama to stand there.

  8. Her fingers are long and graceful, like birds fluttering about the podium.
    I noticed that! She has incredibly gorgeous, graceful hands. The only other female I can think of whose hands are like that is Barbara Streisand.

  9. Admittedly, I look on the conventions as 3 or 4 day long infomercials.
    There was a gaffe in the dems that is getting some press coverage. Even though the original platform statement had a paragraph on faith in American life, it didn’t have the particular word “God”. While I can easily suppose that 1) it was a single paragraph in a long, tiresome document that somehow got past the proofreaders and 2) It could also be seen in light of America not being a theocracy according to a single religion or a single denomination. Similarly, it didn’t single out Israel as our particular ally.
    Either way, that has the potential to provide a slogan campaign for the repubs. s If Usama Bin Barak Obama-Laden goes to church, the repubs pounce into Jeremiah Wright/Obama pals around with Anarchist from the 60s mode (BTW – wonder if the repubs have noted that while the “Barak” probably comes from Obama’s father, Hebrew goes back to the same root word for “Blessing.”) If Obama stays distant from religion, he is portrayed as a commie-athiest.
    Leading into the Repubs said a lot about Russia (NPR had a story about it still being stuck in the cold war) and, with exception of Eastwood, Afghanistan. Not a word about how CIA used to support and launder money for Taliban who grew poppies for sale in the USA (Including under Poppy Bush). Not a word how that may have been one of the formative events of the regions (and Bin Laden’s) hatred of America.
    And, of course, Eastwood’s speech had too many gaffes to list. But I’m worried that the conservative side hasn’t seemed to notice even the most blaring notes of mental discord.

  10. Adrastos, on a personal note, one of the most die-hard repubs I know was an engineer for a manufacturing company (not a gigantic one, but big enough for the name to be recognizable for folk from the time). The company was taken over in the 80s by the trendy MBA graduate who took over a company, sold off the profitable portions of the company and in general ran the company into the ground. Immediate effect was to generate profit for the MBA’s backers. Long term effect was to take a company which was a well-respected market leader and in a couple of years, as the repubs say about the govt, drown it in a teacup (or is that bathtub?)
    He vehemently did and will denounce the action from the business side and also for the effects it had on the workers as well as the surrounding community.
    Doesn’t notice how that was like Bain.

  11. @MichaelF, didn’t know about that. Dare I say that both Romney and his father have ties to the auto industry and that Michigan may be a referrendum on their management?

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