Caption This: Joey the Shark Edition

It was a vintage weekend for zany campaign snapshots. The one of the Prez being lifted by the burly dude was pretty swell but this may be the political picture of the century thus far:


Talk about begging for a caption contest. Here’s my contribution, which is an hommage toThe Wild One:

Biden: What are you rebelling against?

Biker: What you got?

11 thoughts on “Caption This: Joey the Shark Edition

  1. “I remember the last time I had a sweaty Harley mama on my lap like it was yesterday. BECAUSE IT WAS YESTERDAY.”

  2. Jude, I liked yours from the van the other night:

  3. I like how the other dudes look worried. They should. Once she hears that Trans Am purring, she’ll never go back to their Harleys.

  4. You know, the two dudes on either side of Biden look none too pleased. I bet if the press weren’t there Biden would have gotten his ass kicked out in the parking lot.

  5. Didn’t see the pic of the Burly Dude lifting the Prez. But now I’m flaberghasted by an image of this while the Secret Service agents are there trying to figure out the appropriate thing.

  6. “Darlin’, these two knuckle-draggers think they could take me. They couldn’t be more fucking wrong…”
    “Yes, that is a shark in my pocket and I’m happy to see you.”
    “Fuck these guys. How about a ride in my ’79 Camaro?”

  7. I feel… dirty.
    There’s nothing like a horny Veep with the toughest bunch of black-suited hombres as his posse, able to publicly mack on someone’s Old Lady… and should her companions object, the ATF’ll come down so hard their bandanas will shred.
    I blame the Clenis — mere proximity gave Biden a testosterone boost.

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