The coin of the realm (In Mitt we trust?)

Repeat after me: the GOP has lost its mojo. For now. The Romney campaign is flailing; acting like an iPod stuck on shuffle. (The Best of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, anyone?) They keep throwing shit against the wall and none of it seems to stick. There’s a whiff of panic and flop sweat in the air.

The Mittbot is experimenting with being a culture warrior by implying that Obama will remove “In God We Trust”from both coins and greenbacks. This is both funny and pitiful. It’s pitiful enough that Romney is out campaigning with Pat Robertson but that he feels compelled to do some extra pandering since the evangelicals think that Mormons aren’t Christians. Me, I could care less but pandering to that useless, crazy televangelist is enough to make me puke and Brigham Young rise from the grave. Actually, the latter would be pretty darn interesting. I wonder if he’d look at Anne Romney and say “this is the place” and make her his 4,444th wife or something…

Repeat after me: the GOP has lost its mojo. McKinley Morganfield, however, never lost his:

6 thoughts on “The coin of the realm (In Mitt we trust?)

  1. Time to get out the markers and needle files and adjust the wording on those greenbacks and coins:
    “IN *O* WE TRUST”
    Thanks for giving us the idea, Willard.

  2. As Attaturk over at Rising Hegemon pointed out, ironic given that Mitt parks millions of dollars in Switzerland and the Caymans, neither of which mentions God on currency…

  3. About God in the dem platform – the platform that was put forward had a paragraph on faith. It just didn’t specifically say the word “God.” So Mitt is shading the truth to bear false witness.
    I have wondered how much would need to be said from the dems about Mormon as it has only been in the last few years that it took on a veneer of being OK. So among the evangelicals, there is a lot of itch just below the surface.
    But the dems are too classy for that. Meanwhile, by spreading falsehoods, I seem to remember, in red letters in my Bible, something about it isn’t what goes into a man that defiles him, but rather what comes out.
    Switching to a pragmatic mode, to change the currency would take Congress to get on board and face the flames of their constituents. Will never happen. Plus the usual facts that the word God wasn’t added until…

  4. Just did some innocent checking/musing.
    1956 – In God we Trust adopted as official alternative motto to E Pluribus Unum
    Of course, this was also during the height of the cold war.
    1950-54, McCarthyism in full throtle. Dare I connect the two despite the two year difference? After all, to be enacted in 56, the push would have needed to been started several years earlier (admittedly, there was always some pressure going back to the Star Spangled Banner / war of 1812.
    Through the 3rd Reich, slogan of Germany of “Gott mit uns” (Admittedly, the Roman Empire used Nobiscum Deus).

  5. Every time I visit the WWII Museum in New Orleans, I stop to look a the side-by-side display of typical German and US soldier uniforms. And I point out to whoever is with me, “Check out that Nazi belt buckle: ‘Gott mit uns.’ Know that that means?”
    It means that usually the people most anxious to flaunt their religiosity turn out to be the worst human beings.

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