Randy Newman brings the satire

The title of Newman’s latest effort is inspired by his fellow Jew, Irving Berlin’s clasic holiday tune. The lyrics are inspired by teawads and malakas everywhere since they’re “dreaming of a white President” and what’s whiter than a stinking rich LDS Republican?

4 thoughts on “Randy Newman brings the satire

  1. Glad to see that this is clearly a parody. For a few seconds I was praying PLEEASE TELL ME THIS IS A PARODY.
    Love it even more in that in my formative years in GA and SC, “White Christmas” was a joke from so many angles (How often does it snow in GA and SC led to lyrice of I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas, Just like the ones I never know..” Many would ask what the jew Berlin knew about Christmas. Looking at the context, the song was about a New England Inn wanting to make money off Christmas – nothing to do with the Christ in Christmas and tying in well with Berlin’s lineage. But oddly enough, other than a few pockets of fundamentalism, no one blammed the song for distorting the meaning of Christmas anywhere near the recent attacks of media pundits.

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