Best graphic ever

Best graphic ever

Posted at the Wapo’s web site. Some folks checked into the Mittbot’s claim that Obama voters are all moochers. It looks as if the electoral vote count of the states with the most non-taxpayers isRomney 95, Obama 5. But when the did the wingers ever let the facts interfere with their narratives?

The dang thang has given me an earworm. Mercifully, it’s a good un:

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  1. Have to admit Romney almost seemed human while stumbling through his hastily arranged “press conference” last night, but something tells me flop-sweat wasn’t the human reaction his handlers were looking for.

  2. Ah Adrastos, there you go again arguing facts – which sit there rarin’ at the bit to show a liberal bias.
    From memory, I have to agree with MichaelF that it appears that the states which have the highest percentages are also likely to support the repubs. (I look at my SC past which got to 40%)
    I’m not familiar with the Tax Foundation and I wonder how good they are at doing the standard statistics for confounding variables. For example, I wonder how much of the SC, GA, AL, MS swatch could be related to poverty and near poverty (If you’re an average Joe making minimum wage, chances are that your taxable income after the standard deductions is extremely low. As these states have comparatively low employment and low wages for those that are employed the percentage of those not owing taxes would be rather large. I have also been continually amazed at how the poor can vote for the Romneys of the world – does the guy standing at a pick-up point to hopefully get work for the day at minimum wage (or even be cheated and get sub-minimum wage; after all who is he gonna complain to?)think that he is gonna be in the Romney middle income bracket which seems to be $200 k to $ 250 k (and how is that employer paid pension/401/403 building up for ya?). Perhaps the Freakonomics explanation fits; that we aspire to be those on top so we act in ways which enrich those on top?
    I would definitely like to see further statistics comparing things such as state by state comparison of last years income, income deductions, and taxes versus tendency to vote Romney.
    And on a tangent, did anyone catch the Faux News map for the SE (I believe in context of the story of the bomb scare in Texas) which had the SE states labelled, but the labels were on the wrong states?

  3. How come no states have percentages near the magic 47% number? Where does the 47% figure come from, anyway?

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