Deep Treme Thought

Not the neighborhood, the HBO show. I’m a bit underwhelmed by the Season 3 premiere. What was up with the celebrity chef dinner? It seemed gratuitous to me. Hope the show’s staff got some decent eats out of it.

I’m sticking with the show but the short scenes and choppy editing style have got me calling it “short attention span theatre,” and that’s not a compliment.

That is all.

3 thoughts on “Deep Treme Thought

  1. I thought it was intended to convey Jeannette’s growth as a chef, but we had kind of been doing that with Chang last season so I don’t quite see the need to hammer it so hard.
    I love Annie like she’s my child.

  2. Yeah, I thought that chef’s dinner thing was just to show that Jeannette has “arrived.” But the rest of the episode was a bit choppy and they spend a LOT of time just in bars watching music. I get that music is intrinsic to New Orleans, but I’d just put some CDs in and listen to them if that’s what I wanted. Also…I felt like I’d missed an episode somewhere. When did LaDonna’s mother die? Or did she die? Why are they living with her brother?
    I really did like Terry’s exchange with the character on the bike at the end, though. And Davis’s lame-ass musical heritage tour. Pretty much reminding everyone that New Orleans is not like anywhere else.

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