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  1. A few years ago I developed full-blown Oral Allergy Syndrome, in short: a number of fresh fruit and veg could put me in the grave (I have Epipens).
    Anyway, as a now-former apple and strawberry addict, it makes me sad.

  2. The kitty cats can still make me swell up, especially if the room has had time to accumulate lots of fur and dander.

  3. and yet, racy survived my house!
    AFAIK, I have no allergies, other than to conscious and willful stupidity. Sadly, there appears to be no remedy

  4. I get sniffly and bleary-eyed at what seem to be random times — well, in the spring and fall, so probably not so random — but it’s never gotten bad enough for me to pursue a remedy other than, once, some OTC Claritin. I’ve never had any stick tests done, but I’ve always been curious.

  5. for you hay fever people. i had i, and low + behold one winter, i cured it when i had a jar of LOCAL honey i wanted to get rid of. LOCAL HONEY will lessen your symptoms to the point all you need is a tylenol for pressure headaches. honey doesn’t work on pressure.
    well, i am not going to PROVE i am allergic to seafood or mushrooms, i am gonna assume i am.

  6. Recently discovered I react badly to certain antibiotics. Ugh. Turns out the ads — “side effects include…see your doctor if — are true.

  7. AAARGH!
    Allergy shots for over 6 years. Most importantly, the early ones “cured” my alllergy to cats, so I can have cats as pets.
    Retesting showed that while I no longer tested allergic to what I was getting the shots for, I was now allergic to a whole new slew of allergens. (probably partially that the shots worked for me – they don’t for everyone – and that I moved from the SE Coast to the heartland with a different slew of allergens to adapt to). My shots are a witches brew of cat (as long as I’m getting the other, there isn’t any additional fee to keep it in the mix), tree pollens, grass pollens, molds (I developed these after the library flooded. Mold allergies are an occupational hazard for librarians) and insect (roach, mites).
    I also have had a generalized reaction to both fire ant and wasp. On shots for the wasp but the doc dropped the fire ants as they aren’t a problem up here (yet. They’re having some trouble with the draught this year with imported feed hay harboring the critters).

  8. pansy, I read that somewhere. I need to get some from the farmer’s market next time I’m there.
    Zyrtec’s been keeping things under control though on high-pollen days it’s still basically a sneezefest around here.

  9. iodine.
    therefore all shellfish, freshwater or salt.
    therefore also many topical disinfectants.
    therefore also common table salt (iodized).
    A, go for the honey. Do so soon. It helps enormously.
    I want to live on a planet I’m not allergic to someday.
    The good news is I am not (yet) sensitized to mesquite, so bbq is still OK.
    The bad news is, wasp, bee, ant &c. stings are epic problems.

  10. Pretty minor issues with some dusts, molds and certain types of flowers, a little sneezing and watery eyes, but short lived.
    The worst was several years ago when I found out in a very unpleasant way that I had developed an allergy to pine nuts. I had been making and eating pesto for years when one summer I became violently ill after a meal. Found out it was the pine nuts, and now can only eat my homemade pesto made with almonds or walnuts. Making a batch this afternoon, btw, before the frost takes out my basil.

  11. Have just finished up a course of > 5 yrs of immunotherapy for cats, dogs and dust mites with my allergist’s blessing. My biggest allergy is DUST and dust mites and it’s very hard to get away from construction dust in New Orleasn…I had only very small reaction to cats and dogs…and y’all know we have cats. (Had a previous course about 20 years ago and restarted it after Katrina.) Over the past 10-12 years I have developed a sensitivity to chemical fumes, paints, etc. but test negative for many chemicals and additives. Not allergic to any trees, pollens,grasses etc. so that is good.
    My little sister has a severe allergy to shellfish and has ended up in the ER a few times with that.

  12. i haven’t need to go thru the psuedo phamacy dance in years. and honey it great to heal cuts. the best honey for hayfever is wildflower. i can laugh at goldenrod now. my cousin’s hay fever was worse, but he cursed his by radically changing his diet to caveman food. he’s pre-diabetic. so he eats like a diabetic. good excuse for more bacon.

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