Happy Democrat Photo: Feel the Tammy-mentum!


AP photo via Politico. I know. I feel dirty, too.

My favorite Democrat is opening up a can of whoopass on Thompson:

Already downalmost 10 points in the PollTracker Average, Tommy Thompson has now shown up in a video from a Tea Party meeting in June bragging that who better than him to “do away with the Medicare and Medicaid”.


3 thoughts on “Happy Democrat Photo: Feel the Tammy-mentum!

  1. People like Thompson just can’t help themselves — and maybe that’s a good thing, since eventually they tell us what they really think.

  2. What happened in late August to mid-September? I’m looking at a rather drastic plunge of Thompson / reversal of support between Thompson and Baldwin / meteoric (maybe even too meteoric and showing overshoot) in the TPM link – tracking of percentage support.
    And on the list of the great mysteries of life, why is it that the elderly who love Medicare are also a conservative voting block for folks who like Thompson, albeit afraid to go this far, are running on a platform of being the guy to do away with Medicare?

  3. The only explanation I can think of is that people started to see Republicans for the nutsacks they are again. That’s when, overall, the larger narrative started to turn on them.

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