Boardwalk Empire Thread: Bone For Tuna


The ghost of Jimmy Darmody haunts the third episode of Season 3.Nucky sees a very young and very blonde Jimmy several times throughout the episode. He’s a cute youngun with a bullet hole in his head. Notice the picture above wherein Nucky looks as if he has seen a ghost and he has: the Jimmy apparition is one of the boy’s choir.

We see Nucky and Jillian together for the first time since the former whacked the latter’s son. But only at a distance: Jillian glares and Nucky glowers as he drops my man Gyp off at her fancy bordello. Nucky declines Gyp’s invitation inside and we know why.

Richard Harrell is feeling the Jimmy geist too. In the episode’s best scene, the sniper confronts Mickey Doyle over the latter’s bragging that he’d killed Manny Horvitz. Richard, of course, was the one who did the deed. He abducts the sniggering bootlegger who starts simpering as he’s dragged to Nucky’s suite at the Ritz, which gives a whole new meaning to the term putting on the Ritz.

Richard forces Mickey to admit that he did not whack Manny and the sniper nods gravely when asked by Nucky if he did so. Nucky is scared shitless so he asks if Richard’s wrath extends beyond Angela Darmody to Jimmy. Richard essentially told Nucky not to shit himself by saying, “Jimmy was a soldier who lost.” Dr. A and I have been wondering if Richard would move against Nucky now we know. We also knows that he knows, know what I’m saying?

That’s my cue to move on to some quick-but probably not hard-hitting comments on the episode:

Jolly Jokers: Former Agent Van Weirdo is a solemn humorless sort. That’s why his Chitown co-workers love busting his chops. They actually felt bad about it and took him to a speakeasy, which is promptly raided by the Prohies. Former corrupt agent Van Weirdo buys his way out of the situation. Betcha $10K that he goes to work for Dion O’Bannon.

No Rubbers: Margaret continues to be the *real* politician in the Thompson family by conning the pompous bishop into ordering pompous Dr. Landau to open a women’s clinic at the hospital with the injunction “it’s a Catholic hospital.” No birth control or Johnny hats, y’all.

Mr Sensitive: Gyp Rosetti continues to have skin thinner than Olive Oyl’s ankles. He gets Nucky to sell him some hooch directly but gets all pissy about picking it up from Owen, Mickey and Eli in Nucky’s absence. The. best line on the subject came from the Nuckster to the Gypper: “You can find an insult in a bouquet of roses.” Yo, Nuck, roses have thorns and Gyp is on record as thinking you’re a skinny Irish prick.

This time Gyp’s flip out is provoked by Owen Sleater’s phonetical pronunciation of bon fortuna: the episode title, Bone For Tuna. In the manner of all bullies, Gyp waits to flip out until he’s away from the former IRA man. Owen, of course, is heavily armed. Gyp is not only sensitive, he’s a bit on the literal side. He takes the term combustible temper to heart by dousing the corrupt rural sheriff with gasoline and setting him ablaze in a full tilt psychotic Cody Jarrett moment. Why? The crooked copper wished Gyp good luck. In the immortal words of Rick Haircut, “oops.”

I’ll let Gyp have the last word, uh, picture:

Gyp the hoser

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