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I have a Halloween costume party to go to in a few weeks and I usually don’t dress up for Halloween. When I was little, though, my mom made all my costumes, and I think I was a cow one year. I know I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I’ll have to go back to the pictures.

Did you dress up for Halloween? What was your favorite costume?


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  1. [delurk]
    I dressed up as a jellyfish for Mardi Gras / MOMs Ball. The costume was such a hit – lots of people coming up commenting on it and taking photos – that I recycled it for Midsummer Mardi Gras. Really easy, too – just get a clear umbrella, line it with battery-operated string lights (I used pink to mimic a moon jelly), hang long pieces of crepe streamer off the edges, and wear something flowy and aquatic-looking. The only downsides are the umbrella gets heavy after a while, and in the way in tight spaces.

  2. We were mostly ghosts or hoboes or gypsies…anything that could be thrown on -sheets, old clothes of mom, grandma, and of course, scarves! (Mom did not sew and no costume stores back in my day!) But we had fun!
    Our most memorable costume for Mardi Gras (IMHO) was the year we went as Perrier and Benzene (when they pulled it off the shelf because of Benzene contamination)…’88 or ’89…but again it was very minimalist and at the last minute. But the people who got it, loved it! I think I need to remember the jelly fish idea of viajera’s -sounds cool!

  3. I thought Halloween costumes for women had to be a variation of “slut”: slutty nurse, slutty witch, slutty cat, slutty devil, slutty slut. That’s what the TeeVee tells me.
    Hell no I don’t dress up for Halloween. I hate that shit. (This from the girl who answered last week’s question with, “I hate all parties.” So there you go.)

  4. I don’t ever remember any of us having a store bought costume. My Mom repurposed all of my dance recital costumes, all of which she made. My can-can outfit was used by both of my sisters and possibly a niece.
    My favorite was a “gypsy” costume. I can’t remember where she got the dress part of it (probably a hand-me-down); she made a babushka out of a scrap of green velvet and sewed gold hoops on the sides so they looked like earrings. Then she stuck great big false eyelashes on me. It totally rocked.
    I think Mom’s greatest achievement was my brother’s Alice Cooper costume. She made him a wig out of yarn, covered a tophat with glitter and did his face makeup. It was awesome!

  5. Once we outgrew the ghost pillowcase with the face cutout we repurposed from the rag bag for trick or treating as pirates. When we were old enough for parties and dances we raided the trunks in my grandma’s basement for clothes from the 1910s and 20s. My favorite was a flapper dress with so many beads on it I rattled when I walked.

  6. I used to love getting to dress up for Halloween. Can’t really do it anymore, though, as there are no good costumes for people my size.
    My favorites when I was younger included a dog costume my mother made entirely out of paper bags; a newspaper-stuffed dummy (I slumped on the porch next to the door and scared kids who thought I was just a newspaper-stuffed dummy); and a pumpkinhead (hollow out a large pumpkin from the bottom, carve a face, put it over your head).

  7. too lazy. i put on an old poodle skirt as a kid, but i had a black cat. just hold my cat. one year, sat on our front porch w/ said black cat while the grade school down the block paraded down our street + whickers scared a few kids. BWAH HA ha ha ha.

  8. Back in fifth grade, my mom made a General Grant costume for me that was so very cool. My buddy’s mom made him an awesom General Lee costume and we thought we were realy styling until our other friend referred to us as “General Ant and General Flea,” sort of bursting our bubble.

  9. I LOVED being a black cat one year because my mom sent me out with the world’s best cat tail. It wasn’t the usual one that hangs limply from the waist, but one she made from a coat hanger wire, some stuffing, and some black material so that it stood up and out. Light sticks had just come out then, and

  10. …(CONTINUED ’cause I should’ve finished my comment 8-P) she tied one to the end of the cat tail. Best comment of the night: “I love your tail lights!”
    Closest I’ve gotten to dressing up for Halloween after that: occasional donning of a wig, a shark attack costume, and even a Mater costume from “Cars” just to accompany the little guy to houses to trick or treat.

  11. Third grade. 1961
    Robot costume: foil-wrapped cardboard boxes for head and chest, arms and legs wrapped in more foil. Hard to see where I was walking, but I knew I was cool.
    When seven years old, my son designed and made his own cardboard-box costume: two big cardboard circles, front and back, hung from shoulder straps like a sandwich signboard, with a few purple polka dots and a yellow square drawn on with crayons, a sash of amber cellophane, and the face made up solid blue. “What are you?” “I’m a blueberry pancake!” The sash depicted maple syrup. The blue makeup was terribly difficult to remove.

  12. Fav costume I made for our then nine yo son. He wanted to go out after dark dressed all in black with a mask. The compromise was to put glow in the dark stars and planets all over his black outfit with a big fat Mars bar taped onto his chest. He went as the center of the universe!

  13. I wear my old opera cape when I answer the door for the 200 to 250 trick or treaters we get every Halloween. Apparently, our street has been discovered as a soft touch. The best thing is that most of the trick or treaters are out as a family so you get the high school boy dressed as a horror flick slasher or the high school girl as a slutty nun escorting some real little kids dressed as bunnies or puppies. They always say “trick or treat” and “thank you”. It’s so cute.

  14. Up until high school, my mom made my costumes. I have since picked up making them or pulling together from already made items.
    When a child, I’ve been a witch (go figure), a fuzzy bunny, 1776 girl, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White (to my brother being Dopey), Alice in Wonderland (my brother was the white rabbit)…
    So far I treasure all of those costume episodes. 🙂 As a grown-up, my fave costume this far was when I made my boyfriend and I our “Wicked” costumes in 2010 for our Halloween in New Orleans. I was Elphaba, my Boo was Fiyero. 🙂

  15. I think the best one my mom made was when I was about 7 – It was a full body cat suit (think fuzzy warm pj’s) – not sure if I was a cheetah or…?
    Although the angel costume she made me was memorable too- take the shiny, blue, insulated/light blocking curtains and turn them into an angel outfit.

  16. I used to make up one kid a year from my neighborhood for Halloween.
    The whole schmear – latex appliances (for the Frankenstein monster), full costuming (like rotting gauze for The Mummy)
    I wanted to be Jack Pierce SO bad (at least until I decided I wanted to be Tom Savini).

  17. I have dressed in costumes for several parties. One year I crocheted a open work over top onto which I crocheted loops and shells in multi-colored yarns. I call it “Yarn Monster”. I wore it to the office one year and now I wear it on Halloween and answer the door to trick-or-treaters in it. The small kids like it but the teenagers really love it and are impressed that I made it myself.

  18. One year I helped a friend to create a shark costume. I had to up-size a child’s bear outfit (from 8-year-old’s size to a man 6’3″ and 300 lbs) and design the shark head and fins. He did the sewing. It took us 4 weekends and I didn’t have time to make my own full costume for that year’s party. So I designed a small fin, made it in a black shiny fabric and tacked it onto a black suit jacket. I added a silk blouse and floppy tie to the suit and carried a legal dictionary. I was the shark’s cousin (grin).

  19. First grade: Buck Rogers (the 1979 Gil Gerard version, which had been on the air for about a month at the time; my grandmother made & assembled the costume).
    Second grade: Luke Skywalker, Tatooine style (white bathrobe, khakis, Ace bandage wrapped around my calves for the desert mukluk look — Mom’s awesome work)
    I have dreams of doing the DIY Ghostbusters costume. Maybe for the movie’s 30th anniversary in 2014.

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