From the frying pan into the fire

Bobby Jindal has been substantively and stylistically a horrendous Governor. But it looks as if the Gret Stet’s Junior Senator, and noted whoremonger, David Vitter, wants to case the hookers in Red Stick in 2015. That’s a circuitous way of saying that the nasty little fucker wants to run for Governor. Just what we need: a Governor who’s wingnuttier and a bigger asshole than PBJ.

Why do I think we’re going from the frying pan into the fire? The American Chemistry Council is paying for a vomitorious campaign style ad on statewide teevee telling us how awesome Bitter Vitter is. Here it is:

3 thoughts on “From the frying pan into the fire

  1. Oh no — from godawful to truly wretched…
    As bad as Vitter is, at least his “influence” is pretty limited in Washington…junior Sinator, embarrassing scandal, etc. He could do a lot of damage in BR, a place, sad to say, he’d probably fit right into…

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