Friday Guest Catblogging: Party on, Girlie

Dr. A and I did a bit of party hopping last Saturday. We met our friends Meg and Andy’s gorgeous kitty, Girlie. She’s a real stand-up cat in that she wasn’t hiding from a house full of company, she was on the bed greeting her admirers as if the party was in her honor:


2 thoughts on “Friday Guest Catblogging: Party on, Girlie

  1. Pretty girl, that Girlie! 🙂
    That will be Amelie once we have our place. GrisGris will still be aloof and dismissive…until SHE decides guests meet her requirements (or offer the tuna flake nummy).
    Of course, Vinny will be the life of the party (cat-wise) while Wyxan and Rascal will most likely just chill out and wait for the kerfuffle to settle down.

  2. On the bed greeting visitors or holding a royal court, allowing the commoners to see her?

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