Why did I fall for that?

The Etch-a-sketch brigade is at it again. The Romney-ites are peddling a “we gonna win” meme and some of theusual MSM suspects are falling for this shell game. The interwebs is full of pieces that described a different debate to the one that I saw. Romney got his sweaty, lying ass kicked but even some folks who should know better wrote “Obama won the debate but” posts.

This is the same shell game the GOP trots out every election cycle. This time Romney’s minions announced they were pulling staff out of North Carolina and they did: one guy. One fucking guy. In 2000, Dubya campaigned in LA to rattle the Dems. Hell, in 2004 Vice President Duce flew to Hawaii for the same reason.

The best thng I’ve read on this elaborate con job is by Jonathan Chait of Noo Yawk Magazine:

In recent days, the vibe emanating from Mitt Romney’s campaign
has grown downright giddy. Despite a lack of any evident positive
momentum over the last week — indeed, in the face of a slight decline
from its post-Denver high — the Romney camp is suddenly bursting with
talk that it will not only win butwin handily. (“We’re going to win,” said one of the former Massachusetts governor’s closest advisers. “Seriously, 305 electoral votes.”)

This is a bluff. Romney is carefully attempting to project an
atmosphere of momentum, in the hopes of winning positive media coverage
and, thus, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Also last week, Paul Ryanheld a rally in Pittsburgh.
Romney moving in to Pennsylvania! On the offensive! Skeptical reporters
noted that Ryan’s rally would bleed into the media coverage in
southeast Ohio and that Romney was not devoting any real money to
Pennsylvania. Romney’s campaign keeps leaking that it isplanning to spend money there. (Today’s leak:
“Republicans are genuinely intrigued by the prospect of a strike in
Pennsylvania and, POLITICO has learned, are considering going up on TV
there outside the expensive Philadelphia market.” Note the noncommittal
terms:intrigued andconsidering.) The story also floats
Romney’s belief that, since Pennsylvania has no early voting, it can
postpone its planned, any-day-now move into Pennsylvania until the end.
This allows Romney to keep the Pennsylvania bluff going until, what, a
couple of days before the election?

Several of my more apolitical friends have decided to vote for Obama because Willard reminds them of a particularly sleazy used car salesman. Like the Mittbot, they’ll do anything to close a sale. Here’s hoping the MSM won’t help that lying sack of shit peddle his prevarications. It reminds me of this circa 1960 saying about my anti-hero, Tricky Dick:


In that instance, the American people were against Nixon before they were for him in ’68 and ’72. In 1973, the country woke up with a hangover and an enormous case of buyer’s remorse. Let’s hope we send Romney back to his two-car elevator instead of putting the pandering weasel on the public payroll. I betcha $10K he loses…

I’ll let the Who have the last word, in this case without Laurence O’Donnell: