4 thoughts on “Stay Safe, Everybody

  1. I am on the UWS and will update as necessary. Right now it seems pretty clear that we are in for a rough time. Had to go to my office ( which is in a ZONE A flood zone and will be impossible to get into after 7 Pm to get whatever I needed to work from home…took me three stores to find bread…and the neighborhood seems fairly normal for a Sunday…not sure why I feel safer here than anywhere else, it is a security from being surrounded by infrastructure and people…what is interesting is that with the transit system shutting down at 7pm we are not going to be mobile for the most part…kinda odd sensation of a curfew, and not knowing when the system Might come back on line…they are talking 36 hours of storm here starting tonight…just wow.

  2. Good news is I still have electricity…doing the morning rounds texting and all are accounted for. I am the only one with power in my extended family located in metro NYC. Getting ready to take a nice long walk to my office…the server is running so we must have power(?) which seems extremely unlikely as it is in TriBeCa.
    But first things first: coffee

  3. Ok…walked from 105th To TriBeiCa and back. Basically the place looks like a blast zone. Tons of debris. No electricity south of 29th street. Several small markets open though, doing business by candlelight, handing customers flashlights when they come in to go around and find what they need. My office building was wide open, no water on the main floor too dark to check the basement. On my way back uputown broadway above Columbus circle like fifth avenue on Black Friday! Tons and tons of pedestrians and folks walking around the downed trees and twisted deris…quite a bit of damage in Central Park and quite a few smushed cars from falling eyes on the east side of Central Park west. W’e’ll make it.

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