2 thoughts on “Another Blogger Ethics Panel

  1. As soon as I saw “Blogger Ethics Panel” I was afraid to look.
    I’m not familiar with the proposition but gather it has to do with animal welfare / cruelty but with a gigantic loophole of exempting livestock (Here in MO there is a ballot initiative that would require anyone with film of maltreatment to turn it in within 24 hours – while that sounds good, it would have a chilling effect on the groups that get jobs in questionable plants and over several weeks make films of the internal activities). Ends with a dig at the newspaper.
    I’m extremely confused though. How can a newspaper function without an editor? Seems like someone surely has to make the editorial decisions.

  2. Whenever someone bitches about anonymous bloggers or commenters, I always say we should wait until they’ve addressed the problem of all those anonymous astroturf groups running ad campaigns, putting up billboards, operating calling banks and printing up press releases. Once they have to post their backers names, home addresses, phone numbers and certified net worth, then, maybe, just maybe, we should worry about the little guys.

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