Mitt’s Song and Dance Rang Depressingly Familiar


Something about thesheer phoniness, the empty and ham-fisted photo op…and then it hit me — this is straight from the Karl Rove playbook (for a while Rove actually ran federal hurricane relief efforts, which was a disaster in itself).

One difference, though, even as the aerial shots of flooded homes was eerily familiar:Bush didn’t deliver his empty promises until almost three weeks after the flood. Geez.

Not that I’d ever think a genuine deity would deliberately kill, maim, or or otherwise harm thousands of innocent people just to ‘send a message,’ but two things — one, the message could be, as much as anything, that global warming deniers are morons…and two, do we really want to return to the days ofHeckuva Job?

6 thoughts on “Mitt’s Song and Dance Rang Depressingly Familiar

  1. Romney’s cynical photo op was even worse. Even ignoring the trifle that $ 5K represents to the Romney campaign to get extensive press coverage:
    1) In his speech, Romney listed around 4 states that they would be sending the donations to. Oddly enough, they were all swing-states / states still in play. Not a peep about NY or NJ. I remember it including Ohio and NC. Well NC did get a big snow, but hardly the most damaged state.
    2) Afterwards the Romney folk had to dicker with the Red Cross. Initially the Red Cross was gonna refuse the donation (can you imagine the extreme amount of wasted work they would have to do to sort material donations and then move them to the affected area? NYC needs gatorade, so look through the donations at every city in America and pull out the gatorade and then somehow collect it and ship to NYCn – and BTW Gatorade isn’t entirely a joke. As Romney likes Sesame Street, Play “not like the others” and look at the pics of the Romney “grab anything from the store” donations and see how many of the items are **NOT** vital supplies for a hurricane area.)
    3) In his speech, Romney also recommended that people physically take supplies to the effected area. Of course, Emergency Management folk hate this as it brings in a google of gawkers to get in the way, who themselves will be a draw down on the available resources in the area.

  2. I am totally mystified by Brownie’s comment since I saw it yesterday.
    What could he have been thinking?
    If I were looking for a way to force a political comparison with Katrina to put the repubs in a bad light; and especially tie together Katrina, Bush, and ‘privitize’ Romney – I can’t think of a better way.

  3. At MapleStreet: I suppose when Christie envisioned truckloads of generous donations of canned goods like cocktail onions, anchovies rolled with capers, and pepper pot soup, along with tons of week-old Wonder Bread careening down the flood washed Black Horse Pike toward the Jersey Shore, he knew which side HIS Wonder Bread would be buttered on. He’s cooperating with Obama!

  4. @Ruthie. Makes a nice comparison of bipartisanship.
    Even thouth Christie and Obama have massive political differences, there was an emergency and the two are working together.
    After Katrina, the Gov of Louisiana was treated like moldy bread.

  5. That’s exactly right, MapleStreet — I’ve been noticing the contrast.
    In Kathleen Blanco’s case, the impression became the reality: sure, she looked terrible on television, as you might expect with someone who probably had been awake for several straight days. But in terms of what a governor can do in any disaster, much less a major city 80 percent underwater, Blanco did all you could expect, but, irony intended, was the one thing Team Bush left high and dry. Then they deliberately made her an object of blame, scorn, and derision.
    Far too late, Blanco released a ton of documents that show she did all she could, but was rebuffed or ignored by Team Bush for the most part. But by that time it was too late for her…

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