Adrastos’ Fearless Election Forecast

I’ve spent the year insisting that the Mittbot will never be President and I’ve convinced myself that I’m right. And if I’m not, sue me.

I was going to embed a fill in graphic map that our social media maven, Jude, helped me run down but I could not get the data to save so I abandoned it. It’s okay, the red states were more salmon colored than anything. So it goes.

I think all the remaining “swing states” are swinging Obama’s way. I feel very good about all my state picks except for Florida. I think the Prez is gonna win there but since Florida is the world’s largest outdoor political insane asylum, I cannot be sure. But the wind is at O’s back and about to blow Weathervane Willard away.

I think the Dems will hold the Senate and win most of the high profile races, and Boner will remain Speaker but I hope I’m wrong about the latter forecast. I’m rooting particularly hard for Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin and Tim Kaine to win their races.

POPULAR VOTE: Obama 51% Romney 48%

ELECTORAL VOTE:Obama 332 Romney 206

9 thoughts on “Adrastos’ Fearless Election Forecast

  1. I’ve spent the year insisting that theMittbot will never be Presidentwill never be re-elected and I’ve convinced myself that I’m right.
    With that line, you can probably get a guest appearance on Morning Joe.

  2. Bah, screwed up the formatting. That should be:
    I’ve spent the year insisting that theMittbot will never be Presidentwill never be re-elected and I’ve convinced myself that I’m right.

  3. And your predictions will make you suffer the same consequences as all the other, shall we say more media-driven, guessers. That is, none.

  4. Adrastos, I agree. Even before Hurricane Sandy, I thought Obama would win, and the election would not be all that close, but I was too chicken to say so in public. Sandy changed the trend in Obama’s favor, but we may never know by how much.

  5. I think we have enough people voting for the President to be re-elected. I’m concerned about voter suppression efforts, provisional balloting in Ohio (second only to Florida in political insanity) and whatever weird shit Gov. Voldemort and his gang of dementors try to pull today. I wish I felt like I could trust our voting system, but it’s too susceptible to manipulation.
    Nevertheless, I’m going out to cast my vote this afternoon here in the heavily Republican America’s Taint (aka the Florida Panhandle). We’re slowly making progress, though. There are actually two other people in my neighborhood supporting the President AND the county Democratic Party actually opened an office this year.
    I’m preparing for a long night but hoping we’ll be in bed before midnight. See y’all in the van.

  6. I got pretty much the same results, except I have Obama with 333 and Romney @ 205 due Obama to winning the Omaha congressional district, (because Nebraska splits the EV).

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