Point, Counterpoint

There’s a lot of cool stuff floating around the interwebs today: both pro and anti-Obama.

We’ll start with aridiculous, over the top attack flyer sent out by Alabama Gopersin the race for the State Supreme Court:


I wonder if former Godfather’s Pizza CEO and teabagger Herman Cain is going to object to this? He’s the fucking Godfather, after all. This flyer does, however, give me an excuse to do my Brando as Vito Corleone impression. I hope Bonasera is available to bury the already embalmed Romney campaign. Whoever did the embalming did a bad job: neither Willard nor Ann look particularly lifelike…

Time for a pro-Obama goodie. I’m not much of a hip hop fan but my friend Julie sent me this awesome NOLA bounce video that tells us not to “go hatin’ on Obama, save that drama for you mama.”

One thought on “Point, Counterpoint

  1. Save that drama for your mama. Love it. I needed that.
    Should have known Weebie would come through for us..

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