Lou Grant visits the Picayune Newsroom

Not really but some unnamed wag (wags?) on the Picayune staff has posted flyers featuring commentary from the crusty but lovable fictional newsman:


Other captions include:

“How exactly do we do more with less?”

and my personal favorite:

“A 3-day-a-week newspaper in New Orleans? When did Ted Baxter become an executive at Advance Publications?”

Btw, if you’re interested in following the slow motion suicide of a 175 year old newspaper, Gambit editor Kevin Allman is all over this story like a cheap suit. I’ve never been sure what that metaphor means but I’ve always liked it or is it a simile? As long as it’s robust who gives a shit?

2 thoughts on “Lou Grant visits the Picayune Newsroom

  1. mass says:

    At least my dad’s not around for this shit. A journalist in Baton Rouge for 45 years, he’d be miserable watching this slow suicide by “The Pic.”
    The “shareholders” have spoken…

  2. Beauzeaux says:

    My favorite Lou Grant line (while interviewing Mary Richards):
    You’ve got spunk. I hate spunk.

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