Yes, let’s continue to screw over places that are already screwed:

The White House is assembling a spending request to send to Capitol Hill as early as this week, and while the final sum is still in flux, it should fall between $45 billion and $55 billion. That represents an enormous sum at a time when Mr. Obama is locked in a titanic struggle with Republicans over the federal deficit, but is significantly less than the states sought.

Unless an austerity-minded Congress adds to the president’s plan, state leaders would have to figure out other ways to finance tens of billions of dollars of storm-related expenses or do without them.

Can we start using the word cheapskate instead of meaningless village-phrases like “austerity-minded?” Because that’s all this is, pointless cheap-ass-ism. This is managing one’s vast wealth through controlling the thermostat and buying off-brand cheese and refusing to tip the diner waitress.

I swear to God, I don’t know what kind of economy we’re building here, if every third business in the Rockaways is going to be left to rot. If you’re not nearby, followOccupy Sandy for a few days on Twitter and it will give you an idea of the enormity of the need and the ways people are scraping pennies out of their couch cushions in order to pay for respirators and, you know, cleaning supplies. And just because ’twas ever thus doesn’t make it okay.


5 thoughts on “Austerity

  1. Speaking of meaningless phrases, I saw today that the pro-lifers have rebranded “abstinence-only education” as “sexual risk avoidance programs.”

  2. NPR told me not to call it austerity, or cheapskatiness, anymore. It’s “fiscal consolidation” now. Who could be against that?

  3. Seems like Austerity just kind of popped up like some kind of evil mushroom. Nobody is letting on as to why we are having a fit of Austerity or in what great National Cause some of us (Not rich people, whether they pay more taxes or not. Obviously in either case they will still be fuckin rich.) are being asked to sacrifice.
    And most of all possibly, why are we all sitting around passively waiting for Ding Dong Daddy to do us with a hot poker? I mean, nobody but Occupy seems inclined even to put up a fight.

  4. Hate to say it, but I’m wondering if the repubs in Congress, especially the Tea Bag lame ducks, are dumb enough to try to cut the amount as an act of austerity / not authorized by the constitution/etc.
    Not to mention, they’ve already voiced a desire to get even with NJ for praising Obama.

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