3 thoughts on “Sanford On The Appalachian Comeback Trail?

  1. Back when I lived in SC I would have said that I respected Sanford – both in his Washington DC years and then as governor – although I disagreed with him on a lot.
    Scott was a tool put in place because he was black (and the lowcountry of SC is majority black) and would say whatever his republican ubers told him to say. Only thing was that he didn’t seem very adept at putting ideas together into a coherrent statement – so he mainly stood around and smiled a lot.
    Now this whole thing is bizarre.
    Of course DeMint was an unknown who became known for rudely yelling “You Lie!” I have to wonder if this wasn’t some sort of initiation test. Then you’ve got to wonder if DeMint is so effective, why is he moving out of Congress (where folks are making the laws) and doing so in such a sudden fashion.
    The governor’s parents are from India but she doesn’t look “ethnic” so that doesn’t enter the debate unless she chooses to bring it up.
    Scott is made Congressperson.
    Sanford can’t say family values. In fact, after the news of the
    Appalachian trail came out, he really treated his wife in a poor manner. More surprising to me is that while SC, more than any place I’ve ever lived, hates State Employees as being leaches who do nothing while getting exhorbitant salaries (they even get benefits such as healthcare !) – Yet there hasn’t been a whisper of Sanford misusing state resources to hike the trail.

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