How soon they forget

It’s not news that a GOP Congresscritter elected in the 2010 teabagger wave election would vore against aid for Hurricane Sandy victims. It is, however, news when that malaka is from Biloxi, MS and his district was ground zero for Katrina.Here’s a statement from Congressman Steven Palazzo’s office:

Congressman Palazzo fully supports a Sandy relief package that includes
spending offsets. On the heels of a fiscal cliff deal that added $4
trillion to our existing $16 trillion national debt, we must ensure that
disaster relief is paid for. He also hopes we will be able to have a
much-needed national discussion on disaster relief reform in the coming

This would be hilarious if it weren’t so pitiful. I *hope* that the voters punish him in 2014 but I’m not optimistic. Next thing you know he’ll blame theReal Housewives Of New Jersey for his vote. Relief money could fall into the hands of Tree and Juicy Joe Giudice, after all…

In Palazzo’s lexicon, E is not for empathy but H *is* for hypocrisy.

7 thoughts on “How soon they forget

  1. Palazzo was against the SS Sandy aid package before he is 110% for it… Or sum’n lak ‘et.
    Just like our state’s 2012 Muslim Lover of the Year, Rep. Jeff Flemming.

  2. We could start paying for it by cutting Steve’s salary…to minimum wage. Or the equivalent in food stamps. Because anyone who says nonsense like that doesn’t deserve $175K a year.

  3. “In Palazzo’s lexicon, E is not for empathy but H *is* for hypocrisy.” And S is for shithead.

  4. I just saw the headline yesterday that aid had been passed. Seeing Ricardo’s link, I didn’t realize it was only 9.7 billion (wasn’t the required amount something like 67 bill?).
    Interesting to note that south Missouri voted against it (uh, remember Joplin?).
    Wonder how much of this is payback for Christie breaking rank.
    Also wonder how much of the vote includes a backlash of hubris of inherrent suspicion of the NE megalopolis. Some earned (a lot of folks get rankled by statements, such as the quote by Cuomo calling for disaster relief that NYC is the hub of the US.) Some just because it is a big city and cities are scary.
    Admittedly, as someone who has lived in a hurricaine prone area, I find it absurd that the area hadn’t hardened its infrastructure better. (I believe the landfall was 80 mph sustained winds which in the SE means get a six pack, chips, and a couple of rental movies). I’ve also seen a lot of absurdity in the federal flood insurance (for example, flood insurance on expensive vacation homes built on barrier islands – besides including the absurd idea of rebuilding high value homes on areas destined to be hit again, also feeding the expansion of gated communities on the islands leading to inflated land prices/taxes/insurance which effectively evicts the traditional inhabitants – families who have lived on the islands for generations, springing from the slaves who were sent to these islands to work on the plantation lands and their descendants who managed to live on the islands by substinance farming and fishing).
    So I can agree with the part of Palazo’s quote that we need to have a good long discussion on disaster relief. But the time to have that talk is BEFORE the disaster. The first and major part of emergency management is how you prepare for the disaster – especially how you mitigate the problems in the first place. Not the dysfunctional congressional way of recent years, of waiting till after the deadline to slap something together.

  5. Yeah, Tennessee’s Marsha Blackburn, too. Of course, when the 2010 Nashville flood happened, she was screaming holy hell to make sure her district got its money.
    Seems this is all some Club For Growth BS. They don’t believe in FEMA, they think private insurance should “get the business” or whatever. Which begs the question: WHY DON’T THEY? Because they can’t! Dumb fucks don’t get it. Some shit is too big for private industry to handle. You need government, assholes.
    Oh, but Marsha Blackburn did submit a bill to defund Planned Parenthood yesterday. She’s so pro-life! Denying flood victims aid, denying poor women healthcare. Jesus does not know this woman.

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