Malaka Of The Week: Bob Filner

I never expected to write about San Diego politics. I grew up in Northern California and visited San Diego just a few times over the years. Other than seeing Willie Mays hit his 600th career homer there, my memories are vague, fuzzy and dominated by images of retired squids and blue haired Republican ladies in tennis shoes as the old cliche goes. The only pol from San Diego I could name off the top of my head is former Mayor Pete Wilson who went on to the US Senate and then became the GOP Governor who turned the Golden State blue. That’s all changed because of Bob Filner who is this week’s tribune of malakatude.

Filner was elected as a progressive hero of sorts, but he turned out to be your lecherous, crazy and malakatudinous Uncle Bob. The stories of his gauche and crude exploits started off as a drip and have turned into a flood. He’s an equal opportunity lech who made the mistake of sexually harassing some very accomplished women: a Rear Admiral and his press secretary to name just a few. No interns for MaIaka Bob, not yet, at least. Last week, San Diegan TBogg referred to this quirk of Mayor Malaka’s:

…we would like to note that Mayor Bob On This is not your typical creepy sexual predator in a position of authority who preys upon campaign workers, office staff, or anything that moves … although it is still early here and more revelations are sure to come. No, when Bob Filner wants to score it’s Go Big, Or Go Home And Masturbate Furiously

That is, of course, the essence of malakatude in its most base and literal form. Splat. Slap.

It’s amazing that he was able to get away with the “Filner headlocks,” fondling an admiral’s rear, and other lewd antics for so long but that says more about our culture than it does about Mayor Malaka. The MSM loves a sex scandal but would rather go on about dick pictures than confront the ugly reality of sexual harassment. The conflation of Filner and Carlos Danger is ridiculous as pointed out by Katie Halper at Salon:

What we’re seeing in the conflation of Filner and Weiner’s behavior is an extension of rape culture, which normalizes the violation of women (and sometimes men) by attributing it to boys being boys. But even if the media doesn’t always recognize the substantive difference between Weiner’s actions and the allegations against Filner, the law does. Though sexual harassment per se isn’t criminal, several of the things Filner is accused of could be defined as sexual assault, which is a crime. And sexual harassment can result in lawsuits — indeed, the city of San Diego is now suing its mayor

That’s right, the city is suing Mayor Malakabecause he’s trying to get the public to pay for his legal expenses. This is a clear cut sign of desperation and perhaps even an acknowledgement that Bob is going down and not in the way that he prefers. Filner is off to therapy, which he obviously needs, and hopes that playing reformed sinner will be enough to get him off the hook. I have my doubts about this strategy since Oprah no longer has her daily chat show and she was the queen of sinner redemption.

I’ll let Neil Finn, of all people, have the last word: