Well, Here’s What You Wanted

Here we go.

The reason Congress is mired in repeated fiscal crises is that Republicans have thwarted budget conference negotiations since April, when the two chambers passed their own deeply divergent budget resolutions. Senate Democrats have requested conference negotiations 18 times and Republicans have denied their request each time.

Predictions for the week:

Ted Cruz will either end this in utter disgrace, or as the GOP presidential candidate for 2016. Is that redundant?

In a just world, both sides would not be doing it, “partisan politics” would not be to blame, and the pressure on the GOP to negotiate would be intense. I don’t know where that world is, but when the Hubble finds it I want to go there.

Either way, Boehner is finished. We joke all the time around here that Republicans campaign on the premise that government sucks, and then they get elected and prove it, but JESUS. Has anyone ever looked more inept? Even Gingrich came to an impasse with the Democrats, not his own goddamn party in public.


2 thoughts on “Well, Here’s What You Wanted

  1. Boehner usually loves to be in the spotlight, waving budgets full of blank pages and without numbers.
    So I place on my list of “Things I don’t understand” the fact that Boehner has been ducking the news cameras in the past few days.

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