Republican Opposition is Democrats’ Fault

Because of course it is:

LIASSON: In the end, the biggest obstacle to Mr. Obama’s gun violence bills might be Republican opposition, but right now the biggest hurdle is a lack of enthusiasm on the part of his own Democrats. Asked for his reaction to the president’s proposals, Republican House Speaker John Boehner said he would wait to see what the Senate – and its Democratic leader, Harry Reid, does first.

JOHN FEEHERY: The number one impediment to actual action on gun control has been Harry Reid.

LIASSON: John Feehery is a former House Republican leadership aide.


Also, I like how the first sentence is a bald-faced statement that Democrats are standing in the way, which is supported by Republicans saying that Democrats are standing in the way. BOTH SIDES DO IT! Nobody’s really at fault, and therefore no one can be blamed, and therefore nobody will scream about bias, or everybody will which is basically the same thing.

And IS it a lack of enthusiasm, Democrats, that is preventing you from magically taking away everybody’s guns and turning us into a nation of hippies?

LIASSON: Reid has said he isn’t inclined to schedule votes on proposals – like an assault weapons ban – that have little chance of passing the House.

So it’s not a lack ofenthusiasm, but that Republicans won’t pass anything and Harry Reid knows it.

Oh, really, what’s the difference?


3 thoughts on “Republican Opposition is Democrats’ Fault

  1. Ms. Liasson is also employed by Faux News which (in my opinion) pretty much discredits the relevance of anything she says on NPR and why I have ceased to support public radio or even listen to it. Also Cokie Roberts…

  2. To state the obvious:
    Article states that Reid is reluctant to have a Senate vote on a measure that is likely to fail in the Senate.
    Meanwhile, the house has yet another bill for repealing Obamacare. Paul Ryan has a bill introduced for personhood of the fetus which has some rather flagrant terms in it (BTW – article I read said that Ryan had a history of only 2 bills he introduced actually passing). House passed a budget bill that was a tired rehash of their old positions that had no chance of passing the Senate (resulting in the cliffhanger for the fiscal cliff). etc.
    Politics has been praised as the art of the possible. So Reid is playing politics while the House under Boehner is spending all its time on the impossible – not even reaching the threshold for politics.

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