Milwaukee County Sheriff presents, “YOUR DAILY DOSE OF STUPID!”

Drop your cocks and grab your Glocks, kids!

David Clarke is encouraging people to arm themselves. Of course, later in the ad, he notes they should be trained and shit too, but hey…

When he says “We’re partners now,” I wonder how “partnery” he’s going to feel the first time one of these fine armed citizens mistakenly takes a shot at one of his deputies or inadvertently kills a bystander or whatever.

Nothing says, “I’m not really fully able to do my job as a law-enforcement official” like telling people “Hey, we had some cutbacks so lock and load!”

If you need me, I’ll be taking part in other fine law-enforcement partnerships like passing out parking tickets to people I don’t like and citing others for being deadly assholes.


9 thoughts on “Milwaukee County Sheriff presents, “YOUR DAILY DOSE OF STUPID!”

  1. “If you need me, I’ll be taking part in other fine law-enforcement partnerships like passing out parking tickets to people I don’t like and citing others for being deadly assholes.”
    You know, all the budget problems could be solved by auctioning off the right to conduct those activities.
    Sure, there would be OTHER problems, but let’s think creatively!

  2. Some stores are running out of ammunition around here, and the would-be buyers blame Obama, when they should be blaming the dumbass people who are stockpiling guns and bullets because “Obama will ban all guns and ammunition.” I think most folks with any sense at all realize it’s the dumbasses who cause the shortage, but they say Obama should stop talking about guns.

  3. It’s irony at its finest.
    The good citizens of Milwaukee deem publicly paid (and hopefully well trained in the use of firearms) law officers unworthy of their hard earned tax dollars by allowing them to be laid off in record numbers, and yet seem okay about spending a few hundred shekels on weapons they are probably not proficient with.
    What could go wrong? I for one am staying out of Dodge…er..Milwaukee for the foreseeable future. And, oh yeah, my money is too.

  4. A few weeks back, I saw an article that the collective police-type folks were worried about a law in (can’t remember the state, but I’m wanting to say it is middle NE state like Illinois, Indiana, or thereabouts).
    Law said that a citizen could use a firearm to prevent someone trying to illegally confiscate their property or detain them.
    Police were kind of afraid that someone who the police approached may use this as a legal excuse to shoot the police.
    Just image what these constitutional scholars (such as other post of Miss trying to nullify federal law) could dream up to say that a routine police action was illegal.

  5. MapleStreet: that was IN.
    Guess the state GOPers had to find something else to do after giving up on redefining the value of “pi”.
    IIRC, it’s somewhat of a ‘stand yer ground’ law that applies to citizens shooting cops, supposedly when the cops are doing someting illegal (warrantless search?)…but considering how the courts have been wiping out any limits on what cops can do, I doubt that there’s any possibility that a shooting would be ruled righteous, particularly because the first case would almost certainly be a meth-lab bust.

  6. Time for Clarke to get a little creative in funding his department seeing that Walker is proposing another massive income tax cut without a clue as to how services are going to be maintained.
    Naming rights, baby!
    Can you say “Miller/Coors County Sheriff’s Dept”?

  7. Might have to rethink that next trip north to the Safe House. I did not realize Milwaukee had gone so far off the rails. I like visiting up there.

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