Big John Kerry confirmed as dude in charge of Foggy Bottom. Okie Inhofe and Texans Cruz and Cornyn voted nay. I think Cruz controls Cornyn since the latter is afraid of being primarried. I pronounce them man and malaka.

7 thoughts on “94-3

  1. Athenae says:

    Let my stalking of the State Dept. begin!

  2. MapleStreet says:

    Ya know, if there is such a landslide that you are among the only 3 voting against, you really need to consider if you are off the deep end / if your perceptions of reality (not politics, but reality) are anywhere near what would be considered normal.

  3. Robert Earle says:

    Again, I am simply appalled that there’s essentially no mention of the ‘Swift Boat Bullshit’ from eight years ago.
    I mean, they can slander a guy to the point where he becomes ‘unfit’ to be president. Yet eight years later he can become Sec of State without a word about it? Are we supposed to just not remember it ever happened?
    What the fuck?!?

  4. cgeye says:

    That’s what pisses me off the most — that Kerry gets, basically, a free pass because he’s now one of the club… and yet Mme. Sec’y Clinton’s scouring will happen once more – and the Benghazi hearing was a preview of that.
    Both were essentially conservative, for Democrats (but not DINOs), but ‘forgiveness’ or ‘forgetfulness’ has a gender dynamic.

  5. cgeye says:

    By the by, of course he should have been confirmed — but the smoothness of the process proves that scoundrels didn’t have a leg to stand on, then, and they won’t be called out, now, for their perfidy. And, that they’ll console kicking Clinton whereever she goes.

  6. MichaelF says:

    Instead of the Three Wise Men, it was the Three Dim Bulbs. Geez, when Tom Coburn is the sane one…

  7. BlackSheep0ne says:

    Cornyn, Cruz,and Coburn? Wow.

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