7 thoughts on “94-3

  1. Ya know, if there is such a landslide that you are among the only 3 voting against, you really need to consider if you are off the deep end / if your perceptions of reality (not politics, but reality) are anywhere near what would be considered normal.

  2. Again, I am simply appalled that there’s essentially no mention of the ‘Swift Boat Bullshit’ from eight years ago.
    I mean, they can slander a guy to the point where he becomes ‘unfit’ to be president. Yet eight years later he can become Sec of State without a word about it? Are we supposed to just not remember it ever happened?
    What the fuck?!?

  3. That’s what pisses me off the most — that Kerry gets, basically, a free pass because he’s now one of the club… and yet Mme. Sec’y Clinton’s scouring will happen once more – and the Benghazi hearing was a preview of that.
    Both were essentially conservative, for Democrats (but not DINOs), but ‘forgiveness’ or ‘forgetfulness’ has a gender dynamic.

  4. By the by, of course he should have been confirmed — but the smoothness of the process proves that scoundrels didn’t have a leg to stand on, then, and they won’t be called out, now, for their perfidy. And, that they’ll console kicking Clinton whereever she goes.

  5. Instead of the Three Wise Men, it was the Three Dim Bulbs. Geez, when Tom Coburn is the sane one…

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