‘Be Courageous’

I already admired former Congreswoman Gabrielle Giffords but she is officially my new hero:

I don’t cry very often but her guts and grace in speaking out so haltingly but eloquently made me cry a bloody river. What a broad. And her astronaut hubby is pretty awesome too.

For some odd reason, thinking about the Tucson shooting and its best known victim gave me an earworm. I know. I’m weird like that. It put Killer’s Eyes by the Kinks in my head. Ray Davies was inspired to write this haunting song after seeing Mehmet Ali Agca, the man who tried to assassinate Pope John Paul II in 1981, on the news. Agca had creepy and disturbing eyes, just like Jared Loughner:

4 thoughts on “‘Be Courageous’

  1. Too bad her wrenching address won’t mean jack to those Senators fully bullied by the NRA.

  2. Don’t know if you saw this but Wonkette did a thing yesterday on Michelle Malkin’s “gotcha!” piece about Giffords’ testimony: apparently she didn’t really write her notes, in her own hand. OMG. This is like, Telepromptr-gate times three.
    I’m trying to think what awful thing I’d have to do have done to return to this life as Michelle Malkin.

  3. I was hoping someone would have pointed out that at the shooting in Tucson, there were two people with firearms, and they both told the news that the scene was so chaotic, that they could not ascertain who was shooting and where that person was. Something that seems to be missing from this conversation, reality, it is not like the movies, a situation where shooting is involved is chaos. Another interesting comment from that shooting that is not making any news is the police, basically saying, if one or both of those people had pull their guns out, when they arrived, they most likely would have been mistaken as the shooter, consequently, been shot by the police
    with all that said, the Giffords are amazing people, inspiring many of us who suffer tragedy. Thanks

  4. My local news readers showed the clip of Giffords and then as an aside, put up a picture of a handgun with the words “gun control controversy”. As if to confirm the crazies’ fear the Gun Grabber in Chief and AFT thugs were coming for their pistols.

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