Irony is not dead, it’s just shipwrecked

The name of the disabled Carnival cruise ship that set out from NOLA and just returned to the Port of Mobile is, ahem, the Triumph. The story is about to take over our local media, which is looking for a bright shiny object now that the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras are over. Hell, it’s ironic that it belongs to the Carnival line since it crapped out during, well, Carnival.

This gives me a swell excuse to post this sea chanty version of Shenandoah featuring Tom Waits and Keith Richards:

Via my friend Dave Doremus’ Facebook page. Thanks, dude.

4 thoughts on “Irony is not dead, it’s just shipwrecked

  1. As one poster over at pointed out, it probably wasn’t such a good idea to book a cruise on a ship named after Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

  2. Just read that one of the buses transporting people from Mobile, Alabama to New Orleans broke down.
    I have to wonder who is the jinx on that manifest. A human sacrifice is in order, for the good of the rest of us. /sarcasm

  3. The most ironically named disaster ship since the Herald of Free Enterprise capsized in the English Channel due to cost-cutting safety violations by its corporate owner.

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