Pulp Fiction Thursday: Sideshow Detour Revisited

I’ve hadsideshows on my mind this week and it’s cold today, so I decided to post something wintry from the Fred G. Johnson archives:


Hmm, I wonder if the Polar Bear snacked on the Penguin…

3 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: Sideshow Detour Revisited

  1. DaPaPA says:

    I got all giddy when the term “perp walk” was part of your mind sideshow involving former “chocolate city” (a quote he later shed crocodile tears over) Mayor Nagin.
    However, the video didn’t fulfill its promise when I saw neither leg irons nor manacles attached to his other extremities. Very disappointing. And then there’s the “not guilty” plea and the low bond amount. Looks like he might walk away to enjoy the blessings of liberty in his new home in Texas (where else can a discredited politician be welcomed with opened arms?) once the finger pointing and plea deals are done.
    Thanks so much for the reminder of what a great judicial system we have.


  2. adrastos says:

    It was more of a metaphorical perp walk since it was a white collar defendant who surrendered himself voluntarily. I think he’ll get the book thrown at him if he goes to trial. A lesser defendant in this case went to trial and got 17 years.


  3. aimai says:

    What a great site. Thanks for th elink.


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